Jesus is here

No, not bodily, but He is here IN His redeemed (Col 1:27) and He is here when two or three gather in His name (Matt 18:20).

Let’s consider what it means for Jesus to be here. You’re reading this, and Jesus is right there with you as you read this.

We need, now more than ever, a mighty revelation that Jesus is IN and WITH those who love, believe and obey Him, for THIS is the foundation of His Kingdom, when His people know that their King is with them and act accordingly, and live in that knowledge, living in joyful submission to Him.

The NT pattern for the Church is based on the truth that the King is present to lead His Church (Col 1:18) and therefore the true Church IS the current expression of the Kingdom of God on the earth (See 1 Cor 14, Rev 2 & 3 ).

Dead traditional Church, and the control of ambitious men, assumes that the King is absent, or rather, they hope He won’t be turning up any time soon, lest their sin be exposed.

The true disciples of Jesus know that He is with them, and live accordingly, JUST AS IF He were here bodily and physically. They know that He has not changed, He is THE SAME Jesus of Nazareth, the same Son of God, He is the same LORD of Glory we read of in the Book of Revelation – The Almighty King of kings and Lord of lords.

The LORD’s presence with His people is their comfort, their security, their confidence, and their profound joy. The REASON they live the way they do, and gather as the Church the way they do, is bcos JESUS IS PRESENT and it is HIS CHURCH, not theirs. His presence makes the difference. It’s the true reverential fear of God.

Faith means to SEE Christ the King as present in and with His people, and to believe that He Himself is leading us forward in His Victory over sin, the flesh, the world and the devil.

Kingdom and Church were never meant to be separated: Jesus RULES in His Kingdom now by ruling and being the Head of His Church. JESUS IS PRESENT TO RULE, not to have lip-service paid to Him, but to be obeyed. If you believe this you WILL take heed to the NT and Apostolic pattern of order for His Church.

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