Sweet Surrender

The daily coming of the Kingdom of Christ – the always present RULE of the King, the LORD Jesus, simply means that when His Kingdom comes we surrender to His rule – that if we have been in a place of resisting His rule over every part of our life – if we have had doubts or reservations concerning anything He has commanded and decreed -if we have had any fears – any work of the flesh we’ve been clinging onto …… THAT WE SIMPLY SURRENDER TO THIS KING – just give up the fight against His Word and surrender to the Truth – yield to the Truth, believe and accept whatever He says, and you will know the sweetness in the soul of a soul yielded to Christ. It is sweet communion with Him. It is a place of quiet rest, peace and much assurance.

When His Word comes to you that is Him coming to you, and how could we not bow down, surrender and worship The Great King?

This is how Jesus conquers and captures the hearts of men. He is the only King whose subjects follow Him bcos the love of the King has conquered their hearts. He is the only King who conquers by love.

There is something about the nature of surrender and yielding to Christ which leaves no place for the glory of man. When Christ Jesus conquers a sinful man’s heart, what can that man boast about?

Usually, surrender is a sign of defeat and weakness, but in relation to Christ it is to share in His victory.

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