Principles For The Gathering Of Believers

Acknowledgements (pdf) (mp3)
Foreword (pdf) (mp3)
Preface (pdf) (mp3)
Introduction Letter (pdf) (mp3)

Principle 1 – Solely Looking to the Person of Jesus Christ (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 2 – Where 2 or 3 are Gathered Together (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 3 – God’s People Scattered in Sects (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 4 – God Directed Churches Needed (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 5 – The Book of Acts our Example (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 6 – Not Depending on or Needing Buildings (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 7 – The People of God are the Church (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 8 – Taking a Stand for the Testimony of the Church (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 9 – The Early Apostles didn’t Seek after Money (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 10 – Preaching the Good News (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 11 – Leading is Serving in Humility (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 12 – Jesus Christ: The Head of The Church (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 13 – A Growing Vibrant Movement (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 14 – Making Disciples not just Converts (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 15 – Not Pleasing Men but God Alone (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 16 – The Church Was Birthed In Prayer (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 17 – The Spirit is Essential (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 18 – The Satanic Counterfeit (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 19 – Dependence on the Spirit of Jesus (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 20 – Holy Spirit Normal Christianity (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 21 – Hungering after the True Holy Spirit Baptism (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 22 – God Uses the Weak by His Spirit (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 23 – Cults, False Gospels and Division (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 24 – Christ the Unity of the Body (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 25 – Not Judging Others (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 26 – Having a Right Doctrine but Wrong Spirit (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 27 – The Priority of Love (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 28 – Examine Yourself and Correction in Love (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 29 – Being Rich in Mercy (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 30 – Reading the Entirety of Scriptures (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 31 – Godly Disciplines For Assemblies (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 32 – Godliness Through the Act of Submission (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 33 – The Obedience Of Believers Baptism (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 34 – The Body of Christ: An Army of Evangelists (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 35 – The Lord’s Supper: The Death of Christ (pdf) (mp3)

Principle 36 – Dependence on the Moving of the Holy Spirit (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 37 – Jesus Christ as Lord and Head (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 38 – The Spirit of Martyrdom (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 39 – God Actually Answers Prayer (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 40 – The Body of Christ is the Church (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 41 – The Back To Jerusalem Movement (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 42 – The True Mission of the Church (pdf) (mp3)

Principle 43 – North Korea Leader, an Image of Antichrist (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 44 – A Cost to be Part of the Church (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 45 – Five Challenging Reminders (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 46 – Meeting in Home Churches (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 47 – The Lord’s Day can be Everyday! (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 48 – We are a Body of Christ Together (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 49 – Sharing and Memorization of Scripture (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 50 – Not Merely Listening (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 51 – Measuring True Christian Growth (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 52 – The Practice of Teaching Children (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 53 – Raising up Many Leaders In the Body (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 54 – Remembering the Poor (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 55 – Witnessing and Missions Work by Faith (pdf) (mp3)

Principle 56 – Explosive Growth in an Antichrist State (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 57 – Sharing the Faith Constantly in All Situations (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 58 – New Converts Every Church Meeting (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 59 – Networking of Small Groups of Believers (pdf) (mp3)
Principle 60 – Martyrs Esteemed in the Church (pdf) (mp3)
Epilogue: The Call to Gather as Fellowships (pdf) (mp3)

Preparing for Persecution; To be a Christian by brother Edgar (pdf) (mp3)
The Coming Tsunami of Persecution by brother Greg (pdf) (mp3)
A Plain Vision for Coming Persecution by brother Brian (pdf) (mp3)

Chinese House Churches Interview by brother Denny (pdf) (mp3)
God’s New Thing by brother David (pdf) (mp3)
Submission and Leadership by brother Zac (pdf) (mp3)
Baptism of the Holy Spirit by brother Denny (pdf) (mp3)
Without the Holy Spirit of God by brother Chadwick (pdf) (mp3)
Loving Your Brothers and Sisters by brother Edgar (pdf) (mp3)

Statement of Faith for Gospel Fellowships (pdf) (mp3)
Chronological Bible Reading of Scriptures (pdf) (mp3)
Guidelines For Gathering (pdf) (mp3)
Gospel Fellowships Hymnal (pdf) (mp3)
Gospel Fellowships Readings (pdf) (mp3)

6 Responses to “Principles For The Gathering Of Believers”

  1. Sean Scott Says:

    Have you read it? If so, what did you think of it?

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Yes i read it, i think it’s a good introduction, being brief and to the point, which may encourage many to look into the NT pattern and exhort them to take heed to the teaching and commands of the original Apostles for the Church.

    The value of any such writings is PURELY in them causing a person to look into Scripture and learn and obey God’s Words.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    RE: Principle 20 “Hungering after the true Holy Spirit Baptism”

    A brother questioned me about this: saying that we should not seek an experience.

    I replied:

    I agree that Christians should not seek an experience, any experience, and i’ve taught that in volumes over the last 26 years.

    So i think you’ve correctly identified a mistake in the wording of
    that article, and also raised an important issue.

    Once a person is truly born again and a disciple of Jesus, then they
    want to preach the gospel and be a witness for Him, and they soon
    realize that their own human power or ability gets them nowhere, so, in our desire to glorify Him, to live and witness in power, we soon realize that we need His power, and we realize that this will be
    appropriated by faith.

    So then we are to seek to be filled with the Spirit, but not seeking
    an experience, but His glory, in that we live and work by His
    supernatural power and not our own power. And then, when we act in obedience to His Spirit, He fills us to do the work, to live the life,
    according to our faith.

    We see this all thru the Book of Acts, they were re-filled with the
    Spirit according to the need and the task.

    And this is the whole point of what Greg Gordon is saying. That many truly saved Christians realized they were serving God in their own power and realized they needed His power, and asked the Father to fill them with the Holy Spirit that they may be a witness in the power of the Spirit, just as it was in the early Church.

    Many read about the gifts of the Spirit in 1 Cor and realize they
    don’t have them, and they desire to have them. Paul said to earnestly desire to prophesy, to seek God for the best gifts. This doesn’t mean that a Christian who does not walk in such gifts is not saved. And Paul asked, Do all speak in tongues? Obviously, no.
    So, instead of us just sitting and waiting for God to fill us with the Holy Spirit, rather, faith causes us to ask in faith, and believe we receive the answer, and then when the Spirit leads us into action, do it by faith, believing and expecting that we will do it by the power of the Spirit – we will be filled to do the task.

    We should not necessarily wait to “feel” whether we have been filled, but always act in obedience to the Spirit.

    The truly born-again man of God has no insecurity to ask the Father to fill him afresh with the Holy Spirit so that he can serve Him.

    For me, my earnest expectation and faith is that for all things the Spirit leads me to do i will do it as a man filled with the Holy Spirit.

  4. Al Nelson Says:

    Thanks for posting the Principles bro! Very edifying and pretty much in line with what the Lord has been showing me. Praying for you too!

  5. Al Nelson Says:

    Reblogged this on lastdaysoftheage.

  6. ian vincent Says:


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