God gathers us together in Christ

That in the dispensation of the fullness of times He might GATHER TOGETHER IN ONE all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in Him… Ephesians 1:10

This is the grand scope of the Gospel – a new race of people, who just happen to be God’s very own children, and therefore all brothers and sisters.

This ultimate purpose of God is being progressively fulfilled every day in every nation, tribe and tongue; wherever disciples of Jesus gather together in Jesus name. It is GOD who gathers us together IN ONE in Christ. This is God’s definition of His Church. His Church is simply His people gathered together by Him.

Therefore, there’s two aspects here: God does the gathering, and it’s Jesus He gathers us to. If indeed it is GOD who gathers us together, AND, if indeed it is JESUS alone who is the attraction – who attracts and draws people to Himself, then fleshly or worldly entertainment should not be used to attract people. If it is God who does the gathering then we shouldn’t use carnal or humanistic things to try and gather or attract people. For to what or whom would we be attracting them to?

And note, that this gathering He does encompasses ALL THINGS in Christ. So, it’s not a superficial thing, or just a club, or a tradition, or a cultural thing… No. In ALL THINGS : All that we are, all our life, all our being is BROUGHT INTO ONE – gathered into the Person of Jesus Christ: Every part of our life, He is bringing it together in Christ – no longer fragmented, no more confusion, nothing disjointed, nothing out of harmony or out of step with God’s Son.

Therefore, the Church which Christ is building is a gathering together unto Him, and not unto anyone else, or anything else – there is just Jesus – there is nothing else and no one else to gather to. In His Church ALL THINGS are coming into Christ, under His authority – every thought brought captive unto Him (2 Cor 10:5) and every word, and every heart beating in unison with His.

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