Full of faith = Faith-full

What does “faithful” mean, if it doesn’t mean “full of faith”? If you remain faithful to Jesus then you are full of faith. Faith is simply to be a faithful steward of that which has been freely given you in Christ Jesus (1 Cor 4:2). That which causes us to remain a faithful friend of the Lord Jesus, this is the quality of our faith, for faith works by love (Gal 5:6).

Let’s not so much think of being full of faith as attaining to a new, higher faith experience, but rather of remaining faithful to Jesus, the Person. Can we work up faith? No. Can we remain faithful to Jesus? Yes, by the grace of God we can and must. Whatever God requires, He gives the grace for.

So don’t ask yourself, Am I full of faith? But rather, Am I remaining faithful to Jesus? Is my heart and mind FIXED to remain faithful to Him? Does He consider me a faithful friend of His? (John 15:14)

Am I faithful with what He has given me? – Faithful with the spirit, soul and body He has given me? With that which He has purchased with His own precious Blood? Faithful to Him in my heart and mind? Faithful to remain holy and set-apart for Him, just as a faithful and holy woman remains faithful to her husband? A faithful friend who is always there with Him and for Him, and ready to do His will? Faithful with the Word of Life, the Gospel He has entrusted us with?

The first thing about being faithful to Jesus is that you simply “show up” before Him. The faithful ones show up. It doesn’t take much just to show up.

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