Something better than Jesus?

Dear nominal, backslidden or lukewarm Christian: Do you have something better than Jesus? Are you still searching for something better than Jesus? Have you found something better than Him? Do you think you will find something in this life better than Jesus?

If you are a true Christian then you HAVE Jesus Christ, who is of more value than all the world put together, multiplied by infinity.

The delusion of this world is simply to buy into the lie that there is something better than Jesus – some thing, some person, some idol, some thrill, some experience, some identity, some attainment…. etc. Even some spiritual experience or high that is better than knowing Jesus?

This delusion is not just in the world, it’s spreading like wild-fire thru apostate Christendom. The sign of this is when Christians love the things of the world more than Jesus, or love themselves more than Him. It indicates they value something else above Him.

Is there any person in the world who has anything better than Jesus? If you have Jesus, is there any great person in the world who has something better than what you have? Maybe someone great, whom you admire: Do they have anything greater than what you already possess? Even the greatest Christian in the world, does he have anything greater than what you have? No. This is the Gospel. There is only Jesus. If you have Him you have everything, and are complete in Him, and are therefore set free from covetousness, envy and jealousy, as well as inadequacy, insecurity and inferiority.

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