Why we don’t see a NT Church today?

The NT Church, in its essence, was relational. All the larger aspects of the NT Church stemmed from the basic relationships within.

So, rather than asking, Why don’t we see a Book of Acts Church today? We should each ask ourselves, Why don’t I really love my brothers and sisters? If the true love of Christ was there we would be in relationship/fellowship with other saints in our homes, often, AND we would recognize that this commitment to one another in love constitutes the foundation of the Church.

This has to be the approach to “Church planting” : that we deal with the core heart issues first, which prevent us from opening our lives and our homes to the saints.

Its about relationship, and people don’t want that, cos they’ve lost their first love.

And then the traditional system steps in and offers them “church” without any real relationship/fellowship.

7 Responses to “Why we don’t see a NT Church today?”

  1. among the forgotten Says:

    So very true Ian. I have never understood how anyone could call themselves a “church planter” as that doesn’t really make sense, nor is that a spiritual gift or function. Doesn’t planting a church constitute setting something up in a physical way in contrast to bringing people together into a spiritual union? Could a church planter accomplish the latter or must the Spirit prompt individual believers to become the least of these and the servants of all whereby they can become a living ekklesia one to another. As we know, a physical construction of men, even one where each participant adheres to every known biblical tradition and principle does not an ekklesia make. It takes life to accomplish that- life first, then conformity to the biblical standard of action. Getting this backwards turns many a soul into a Pharisee and as Jesus has made clear- actually blocks God’s intentions. Sadly, this is where we find ourselves these days: “The traditional system steps in and offers them “church” without any real relationship/fellowship”

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Yes bro. If we correctly and accurately TEACH what the NT teaches concerning the church and life in Jesus together, then, in effect, we are “church planters”, in the sense that we’ve sown and planted the Word/Truth concerning what the Church is, and then Jesus builds with His truth in the hearts of some, and they begin to fellowship together bcos Jesus has called them to be in relationship with one another. If we teach, plant the Word, then Jesus will plant churches with His truth, so, those who plant the Word, with the ultimate result being that a NT church springs forth from that seed, they could be called “church planters”, or more accurately, apostles. If people remain ignorant of what the church is, then they get exploited by the system or they opt out of fellowship altogether.

  3. theuntangling Says:

    I agree, ‘Why don’t I really love my brothers and sisters?’ is a better question to be asking.

    In real relationships we can’t be fake. Accountability comes naturally. Selfish ambition is obvious and no one would allow it, because we know it threatens real relationships. In other words we would “call each other out” (gently) on our selfish motives because we are free to do so within the bounds of our friendships and brother/sisterhood.

    I can speak plainly to my flesh and blood siblings, in love, and vice versa. We know the love that forms the basis for that, and we do not shut off communication or consideration for each other when something difficult is said.

    On the same note, we give each other grace and help in times of need without thought about what it costs, or if someone will be thanking us later.

    I think many are longing for such a church, but we don’t know where to start.

  4. Scarlett Says:

    Reblogged this on spiritualabusesanctuary and commented:
    In essence then, I feel Ian is saying we are to “be” the church, not just go “to” a “church”. The best church experience I’ve ever had, accompanied by the most rapid spiritual growth was as a new Christian when I began inviting a few people into my home. We soon began moving in harmony with the Spirit, and before we came together everyday except Saturday and Sunday, the Spirit would have on our hearts whatever He chose for the day, and “one would have a Psalm, one would have a doctrine, one would have a revelation” and it was astonishing, and glorious to experience this awesome move of the Spirit…and…the ekklesia. I will never again be satisfied with anything less. To participate in a fraudulent counterfeit is an affront to the Spirit of God and to empoverish our own spirits. So many of our youth have never experienced even an inkling of such a gathering. How else but relational worship and love for one another are we going to prepare them or ourselves for the coming Tribulation without the moving together of the Body of Christ in the unity and power of the Holy Spirit?

  5. Don’t Just Go to Church-BE the CHURCH! « spiritualabusesanctuary Says:

    […] https://ianvincent.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/why-we-dont-see-a-nt-church-today  […]

  6. fleebabylon Says:

    Amen Scarlett.

  7. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks Scarlett for your comments!

    Yes, being the church is so simple, and it becomes a lot easier when there’s no controlling traditions (ignorances) which hinder real-life authentic fellowship, or which restricts the gifts thru every joint supplying.

    As the LORD brings a group together in love they can confidently say that they are an Assembly (eklessia) in Jesus name (from which we get the word Church), so when they get together they are going “to church”, to the assembly, which is a people, not a place.

    One more comment: If Jesus used men to plant local churches in the beginning, then He still uses men to plant local churches today, and He works in the same way and manner today in which He did in the beginning.

    Unless we believe that He has changed His ways.

    (Yes brother, we don’t need to call anyone “church planters” as it’s most likely to be misunderstood these days as planting merely a human organization or institution, like in the same way that men start a business)

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