Jesus actually chose to have no possessions

In the context of modern Christianity this would not translate. If there was a preacher who, like Jesus, chose to have no possessions, and he came to the Prosperity Preachers Convention they would feel sorry for the guy, or assume he has no faith, or assume he’s a failure, but they will never be able to comprehend that a Christian could actually choose to have nothing in this world, that would be outside the orbit of their thinking and reasoning and even alien to their consciousness, bcos covetous people think their life consists of the things they possess: all their identity and self-worth is tied up in that.

Jesus could have been the wealthiest man in the world. Actually, that is the deal the devil offered Him, remember that? But He chose another way.

There are many brilliant men and women of God today who could have become very wealthy in business, but they chose not to be, they chose something else. Only people who know Jesus will understand.

3 Responses to “Jesus actually chose to have no possessions”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    After watching a popular money preacher on the net the other day my response was: This has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Whatever he is saying it has nothing to do with the real Jesus Christ of the Bible. In fact, they didn’t even mention Jesus name or even refer to Him at any point in the message, except in closing to say, Jesus is Lord! All they talked about was money, getting wealthy and blessings. It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, and it would be a delusion to think it did.

  2. a_l_henley Says:

    Prosperity preachers of today. It leads us away from Christ…not toward Him.

  3. Jack Says:

    Amen brother.

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