Born and bred in captivity

Someone used the analogy of traditional church as being like a Zoo: Like, animals may be happy in a Zoo, but they are still in captivity. So people may be happy with unBiblical church, but that may simply be because they haven’t experienced anything else.

Now, people probably wouldn’t listen to you if you called their church a Zoo, but the analogy is spot on: Animals born in captivity don’t really know they are in captivity, BUT there must something deep down inside them telling them, “Uh uh, this aint right. I don’t know what it is but there’s something not right.” That’s how I felt after I got saved and attended the institutional church for two years.

Simply read the New Testament and KNOW that that’s the way it was always supposed to have been.

3 Responses to “Born and bred in captivity”

  1. fleebabylon Says:

    Reblogged this on Flee from Babylon… AKA Modern American Christianity.

  2. Scarlett Says:

    What seems so strange to me, is that once you fully explain to the inhabitants of the zoo, and they realize they can leave at anytime, and actually should leave…most of them will choose to go right back in.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    We gotta encourage Bible reading which results in thinking and then asking questions and toward dialogue and intelligent discussion.

    Not Bible reading just looking for personal blessings, but to intelligently and honestly read the Bible, as God always intended.

    When they see it in Scripture then they are set.

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