In Christianity the “Pollyanna” thing is observed when Christians are not willing or not able to deal with the realities of life or the church, and they use “spiritual” things to try and escape reality rather than face it and deal with it. When you try and discuss the Word of God with them you can’t actually deal with reality, only their “construction” on reality, and many times it is the truth of God’s Word they are trying to avoid facing. You could call them “neurotic Christians”: they interpret the Bible according to their personal fears, and not in accordance with reality.

Oftentimes the “positive thinking” or “positive confession” or “super-positive outlook” thing is merely a mask to cover fears deep inside. Jesus never leads a person to put on a fake mask and hide behind it, He always leads us to confront our fears and deal with them by His truth and grace. He doesn’t cover our fears with a fake smile or with fake, plastic smile TV preachers, rather, He destroys our fears by consuming them with His love, power and glory.

And this is where the “itching ears” thing comes in (2 Tim.4:3) : People listening only to preachers who will tell them what they want to hear. When they deem the truth as being “negative” then they don’t want to hear it. They are a lot like Pollyanna.

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