Why God hates sin

God is love. His glory is His love. He hated sin so much He was willing to crucify His own Son, and the Son was willing to be crucified, in order to destroy and remove this cursed thing called sin once and for all, for all eternity.

He hates sin bcos His love is so wonderful and unsearchable and sin is the enemy of His love.

God is not being selfish when He desires that all men know His love and live in his love, bcos we benefit from His love infinitely more than He does from being worshiped (bcos He doesn’t need to be worshiped or loved).

The command to worship, obey and believe God is simply an invitation into His eternal love.

He made us for fellowship and therefore it is right that He hate anything that breaks that fellowship.

If anyone wants to contribute on this subject please do in Comments.

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