Pray for others

The particular strength and grace you are experiencing today in Christ may be due to God answering the prayers of someone who loves you and who is praying for you. Makes you want to pray for others, yes?

(Rom. 15:30, 2 Cor. 1:11, Phil. 1:19, Phm. 1:22)

2 Responses to “Pray for others”

  1. fleebabylon Says:

    Yes brother for sure! I can not think of what a reck my life would be without the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you and your family. -Jim

  2. fleebabylon Says:

    Much of the good the Lord does for us is through other saints. It could be a word to us or a word to God about us. How many times has my heart been lifted by the words of my brother or sister..

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