What is fellowship?

You are thrashing your way thru the deepest darkest jungle of the Congo and you see another man coming toward you, and there’s just the two of you in the middle of the jungle. As the man draws closer you are surprised to see that the stranger approaching you looks a lot like you. You meet and get talking. So where ya from? I’m from Dixon, Missouri. That’s strange, I’m also from there! What’s your name? Smith. That’s very strange, so is mine! What’s your dad’s name? ………He has the same dad. ……So this is not a stranger at all, this is your long lost brother whom you never knew.

Fellowship (church) is a lot like that. We discover people who share the same Father, the same Spirit, the same Lord Jesus, and the same LIFE which is in Him, and we find out that they are our brothers and sisters by virtue of having the same Father and same LORD.

When people are filled with the LIFE of Jesus: that He is their life: then when two or more of these people meet you have fellowship and church.

4 Responses to “What is fellowship?”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    So……the upshot of the parable is that these two guys who meet in the middle of the religious jungle and find that they are brothers should adjust their plans and go on together, not just say Hi and Bye. When you find true fellowship then nurture it as something rare and precious, don’t be shallow and ignore it.

  2. missdebra Says:

    The rareness of finding someone truly in love with Jesus and not just a church do-gooder causes us to cleave to one another like finding a pearl of precious price! When ‘brethren” find it so easy to turn their backs on true Christians, or to lump all professors of Christianity together whether they have fruit or not, we know they do not know our God. Those who know Jesus love His people and can tell the difference between sheep and goats!

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Well said, Debra. Our Lord said in the last days the love of many will become cold. Church and Christianity is the way it is simply bcos of that fact. Ultimately it comes down to a lack of love for Jesus, and love for one another is simply the overflow of that.

  4. missdebra Says:

    i am glad there are still some of us left here in the world to give God a good day! Sometimes I have tears over the way people reject our sweet Jesus and the move of our loving Holy Ghost! I don’t care for this crazy world, but if I can bring joy to God by being someone He sees down here loving Him, so be it! He is my darling!

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