Idols and Demons

But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to God: and I would not that you should have fellowship with demons. 1 Cor. 10:20

Demons energize idols and make them appear to come to life and be larger than life. An idol only has any meaning because demons give it meaning. An idol only has any power because demons give it power. Idolatry is a demonic bondage, and once that demonic power is broken and they snap out of it then they can’t believe how they could have been so attracted to something which is nothing.

When people get delivered of pop star idols it’s the same, they can’t believe how they could ever have come under that spell, and they feel foolish.

When Jesus switches on the light and shows you that you have an idol, then leave the idol and walk in the Light of Jesus, and you will see the idol as Jesus sees it, through His eyes, and it won’t have power over you anymore.

3 Responses to “Idols and Demons”

  1. Mark Bryan Finger Says:

    I really liked this post, Ian.

    Of course, ‘cultural Christianity’ [that which may have its substance in real faith, but whose expression is infiltrated with worldly influences] is comfortable with idol worship.

    The ‘cult of personality’ that exists in the world [this obsession with exalting certain individuals] paves the way for the rise of charismatic figures like Hitler [who was endowed with demonic powers], including the anti-christ.

    However, I think what is most interesting about Paul’s comments [above] is that he is referring to pagans’ traditions, which are all founded upon a lie.

    As believers, our practices should mirror the light of God’s word, as every aspect of our lives is intended to reflect the glory of God. It is not something for us to judge one another over; but it is most definitely something that we should consider among the assembly, so that each heart may be charged with the knowledge of God.

    Therefore, we should ask ourselves, “What is the spirit of this practice or event; and the motivation for keeping it?”

    We must use our spiritual eyes.


  2. ian vincent Says:

    This is where it is sooooo essential for us to know the difference between our soul and our spirit. If we couldn’t distinguish between the two we could easily accept false demonic experiences as being from God. And that’s where many people are at: they just assume that anything which touches their emotions or gives them pleasurable feelings or feelings of love must be from God.

    They should talk to some of the Hindu gurus who are demon possessed about what they feel: they feel sensations of love and peace and tranquility.

  3. Mark Bryan Finger Says:

    That is why truth is superior to feelings … and why our feelings are to be conformed to the truth …

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