New Covenant Blessings

Just read a Facebook notification from a money preacher and he was quoting: And all these blessings shall come on you, and overtake you… (Deut. 28:2a)

But when such people talk about blessings they invariably mean wealth or health, and not the blessing of being delivered from the power of sin, the world and the devil.

You will never see such a money preacher rejoicing in the blessing of being delivered from covetousness or from the love of money or fame or materialism, or the blessing of being delivered from pride, or the blessing of being delivered from corrupt practices like merchandising the things of God for profit.

They can never know the blessing of becoming like Jesus. They can never know the blessing of His love when they still love themselves and the things of the world. The only blessing they know is to get rich by scamming God’s people and living in luxury at their expense, and what kind of blessing is that?

3 Responses to “New Covenant Blessings”

  1. milind Says:

    Indian TV was not so much affected by these earlier, but now you have Indian preachers of similar vision. I heard one say – I pity those here in the meeting who are not millionaires, because God wants them to be millionaires but they dont have it. Such a sad situation. Healing is also another area where the message is only about healing. Everyone blessed by God should be perfectly healthy. I wonder why Paul asked Timothy to take some wine for his ailing stomach if these guys are to be trusted.
    What will happen to these when they stand before The judgement seat of Christ? Mt 7:21-23 is for them?

  2. ian vincent Says:

    I wonder where they learned that stuff? They watched American TV preachers and just copied them word for word with the aim of getting as rich as them.

  3. missdebra Says:

    Very well said! Blessing indeed! It is highway robbery!

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