Clarity on healing and miracles

The infamous Todd Bentley is making a come-back in South Africa. It seems to be becoming established in the new version of Christianity that supernatural power trumps character. People are being primed to think that ultimately all that really matters is that there is supernatural power to heal etc. Whether a man is a serial liar becomes irrelevant. Has Bentley ever apologized for the many false claims he has made in the past?

Then you read Wendy Alec (GODTV: who are supporting Bentley’s comeback) saying that there is presently “…a great awakening sweeping the world which will usher in the coming of Jesus”. No, what is happening is that there is a great falling away, a delusion, sweeping the Christian world with lying signs and wonders which will usher in the Man of Sin, The Beast (2 Thess. 2:3-12).

What unites all false revivals and what they all have in common is there is no conviction of sin and hence no genuine repentance. There is no real repentance in the leaders and therefore there is no true Holy Spirit present to convict of sin. Every true revival in history has been marked by strong conviction of sin, much sorrow over sin and genuine repentance. There was the holy fear of God.

There can only be true rejoicing when there is genuine repentance from sin.

If you read Wendy Alec’s statement we are being asked to throw away all Bible prophecy and believe these people instead, on the basis of claimed miracles and healing. They have jettisoned most of what God said will happen prior to Jesus return. God takes it personally when His Son is treated like a fool.

Again, refer to Bible prophecy, to the warnings about those who come in Christ’s name and have real power and yet don’t have the power of godliness: the power of a crucified life, the power of genuine Christian character and integrity.

Miracles do not validate the Gospel and they don’t validate or legitimize a preacher. Jesus still heals and delivers today, and yet He warned that in the last days many bogus men would come doing miracles in His name.

7 Responses to “Clarity on healing and miracles”

  1. Mark Bryan Finger Says:

    Jesus is rejoicing that you wrote this post: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth,” (3 John 1:4).

  2. milind Says:

    I am also rejoicing to get some answers.

    I heard one preacher say – Miracles are a gift of God and not an evidince that the person is leading an overcoming life. Miracles are based on God’ choice not the preachers qualities. What is important however how much the believer obeys God and is Led by His Spirit.
    Miracles or Healings dont matter.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    It gets a little complex when we read Matthew 7 and 24 and find out that even some “Christians” who have never been saved, whom Jesus says He never knew, can do healing and miracles.

    Yes, to obey the Holy Spirit is what matters, so then healing matters when the Holy Spirit leads you to pray for someone’s healing.

    If you find Christians who don’t pray in faith for the healing of the sick it either bcos they don’t believe God still heals today or they don’t care, they lack compassion.

  4. milind Says:

    What I meant was obedience to God’ Word and leading by The Holy Spirit is more important than seeking miracles and healing, after which the world is running to. Ofcourse God heals even today based on a person’ faith, HIs soverign Will and so many other things written in His Word.

  5. ian vincent Says:

    Yes, i understood you, and i was just adding, on the subject of being led by the Holy Spirit that healing and deliverance is very much a part of being led by the Spirit in evangelism.

    Unbelievers seek a sign, Jesus said. If a believer seeks after a sign then they are not yet a believer. Signs are given for unbelievers.

  6. missdebra Says:

    Recently I have been lead by God to watch several different healers/evangelists on You Tube. It has been a lesson in discernment. I have been shocked by the great difference I experience when I watch them.

    For example, Todd Bentley was satanic with people he touched falling on the floor and writhing like snakes. It was horrible to watch. So was Kathryn Kulman and Bennie Hinn. I have known Kathryn’s former piano player Dino Kartsonakis and his wife for several years. I believe they are sincere even though they are still in the organized church. Recently I read an article by him where he wrote about the sinful lifestyle Kathryn Kuhlman had behind the scenes and why he quit playing for her. I was not surprised because God showed me this Himself. All that floating around like a specter! If she really
    knew God she would have been a real person, not spooky!

    Conversely, the Brownsville, Florida revival in Pensacola, Florida with Steve Hill, John Kirkpatrick and Lindell Cooley was so full of the Holy Ghost I still cry when I watch them. Real repentance, people on their face before God crying out for His mercy and repenting of their sins. Very touching. Reinhardt Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda are two more brothers in the Lord who I believe are sincerely preaching the gospel and bringing millions of Africans to repentance and giving up their witchcraft and voodoo.

    In contrast with these brothers, I saw the Canadian so called revival with Kenneth Copeland where the people laughed and laughed and fell all over the floor. It was disgusting. It looked to me like they were being possessed by devils. I believe in the joy of the Lord but that was down right satanic. To clean my mind out, I switched to David Wilkerson’s sermons because I have always had a respect for him as a man of God. He talked about the same satanic ministers God had shown me and he cried. It made me cry to watch him cry, because his broken heart over those who make merchandise and mirth over the Holy Ghost mirrors my heart too.

    Sometimes I wake up in the morning in tears praying for our country, this world, and the Ecclesia. How we need His holiness to discern good from evil. I have found that discernment must be preceded by sincere laying down of my own agenda. If I have a self centered motive, whether it is to find security in money, a relationship, friends, family, a career or anything else besides God and Him alone, it clouds my mind and keeps me from seeing clearly. Just like one of the blogs you wrote, any time we have a selfish motive, it blinds us.

  7. ian vincent Says:

    Accurate observations. First there is the real thing, and then counterfeits of the real thing emerge.

    There’s also a tendency in man to idolize man. As young believers we still want to find a person (other than Jesus) who embodies to us what we aspire to be. And this is OK in a small measure, for God gives us Godly examples, which is one way He brings the body of Christ to maturity.

    But the hard part for young believers to grasp is that even the person they think is the best example of Jesus they have seen is still just a man or woman, just like they are.

    So it is wisdom to discern what there is in a person which is a Godly example from that which is flesh or the natural limitation ( …the dividing asunder of soul and spirit… Heb. 4:12) and in that way we won’t end up with an idol or a hero but we will have a number of Godly examples before us, with each one embodying a different aspect of Jesus, but together (with all the gifts God gave the Church) we have the whole counsel and witness.

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