Christos-centric or Anthropocentric?

I hope i’m not engaging in reduction-ism (oversimplification) but I want to make an observation. Many of my Facebook friends post videos and updates from popular preachers and one characteristic of most of them is that they are man-centered (anthropocentric).

They begin with man and end with man: like, man has a problem etc. and Jesus or God or “grace” or “favor” can be used to tackle that problem and bring blessing, with the goal being what is perceived to be a better life for YOU, or a more “successful” life: You should do these things bcos “it will be good for you” and avoid those things bcos “it will be bad for you” : YOU is still at the center. Christ is not the center of it, He is not the Alpha and Omega of such teaching, He is not the goal… Jesus is sometimes referred to or used, but HE IS NOT THE SUBSTANCE OF IT, it is all man from start to finish.

It very deceitfully and gradually replaces Jesus with YOU, and Jesus is gradually eliminated in very small increments and YOU replaces Him, not suddenly, but a very subtle shift and exchange.

It comes down to a “Christian” formula or methodology for apparent success: the Scriptures are interpreted as solely there to serve man’s greed and self-centered-ness, and the Person of Jesus Christ is rarely seen at all: it depends on what you’re looking for, whether you are man-centered or Christ-centered (Christos-centric).

Marketers know that all you need to do is find out what people want and then sell it to them. So that’s easy then when it comes to marketing a ministry, all you need to do is realize that most people are selfish, so if you can appeal to their selfishness or their pride or ego, and give them advice how, as Christians, they can still make SELF the main goal in life and yet still use Jesus name, then they buy it.

Years ago there was an advertisement for a bank and their slogan was “For the most important person in the world, YOU”. This hits home and embodies the same ethos and drive of popular modern preachers, it’s the same subtle man-centered and Christ-denying message.

For example:

Don’t speak any bad words bcos that will not be good for YOU. Speak good words and that will be good for YOU.

Give your money bcos that will be good for YOU, and if you don’t give your money that will be bad for YOU.

Confess the scriptures bcos that will give YOU favor and success, and if you don’t it won’t be good for YOU.

Forgive others and that will be good for YOU and if not that will be bad for YOU.

Don’t worry as that will be bad for YOU.

Sin will have bad consequences for YOU and doing good will be good for YOU.

Pray that things go well for YOU and that YOU have favor, otherwise it will not go well for YOU. Pray for others that they will give YOU favor and so that your friendship with them will be good for YOU.

Love yourself and that will be good for YOU. Love others and that will be good for YOU.

Think positive and that will be good for YOU.

Have a vision and dream and that will be good for YOU to achieve YOUR dreams.

THIS SUMS UP THE MESSAGE OF MOST MODERN TV PREACHERS. Now you know this you don’t need to waste your time and money on them anymore.

Be Christ-centered not man-centered. Consider what is good for HIM before you consider what is good for YOU.

One thing about 666 is that it represents the ultimate self glorification of man (six is the number of man) so a man-centered “gospel” or “church” is of the spirit of antichrist.

2 Responses to “Christos-centric or Anthropocentric?”

  1. Mark Bryan Finger Says:

    Honestly, for those who have been raised up under this [native bondage], I don’t believe they even know they are bound. They are so accustomed to mistaking the soul [self-will] for the Spirit that they cannot discern the difference.

    It’s painful to listen to … many times on Christian radio stations [I usually turn it off when the talking begins] I have listened to entire messages that have ‘absolutely nothing at all’ to do with Jesus.

    Just popular psychology [paganism] dressed up as ‘spiritual counsel.’

    It’s sickening.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    They are so accustomed to mistaking the soul [self-will] for the Spirit that they cannot discern the difference.

    Interesting thought, bro.

    Something happened way back when the devil decided that if he couldn’t beat Christianity his only hope was to join in and become a part of it and weaken it from the inside, and his strategy was to make people believe they could be a Christian without being a disciple of Jesus, a Christian without denying oneself and taking up one’s cross, a Christian without repentance and death to self, without forsaking all: to basically offer another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit (2 Cor. 11:4) and then SELF becomes the god: the new Jesus actually wants people to worship themselves. The new Jesus loves “Christians” just so long as they don’t become disciples of the real Jesus.

    Looking at the last part of Luke 14 i wonder what the Lord Jesus would have said to anyone who took offense at His use of the word “disciple” and what it means to be His disciple? If someone was listening to what He said and then said to Jesus, Hey that sounds like works to me, surely a person can believe in you and be saved but opt out of being a disciple if they want to?

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