Christ builds His Church

When we consider that the true Christian life springs forth from a revelation of Christ, then the Church in exactly the same way springs forth from the same revelation of Christ, with His commands for Assembling and His order which came thru the Apostles. So, just as a person can’t be a true Christian without a revelation of Christ, in the same order, how can a group of people function together as a true Church unless there is a revelation of the Word of God concerning the Church? That is, in the context where man’s traditions predominate and are even quite fixed in people’s consciences, there has to come a revelation of the Church which is powerful enough to over-rule the rule of man. This is why the beginnings of such a corporate expression, the laying of the foundation, may be painfully slow, as we are talking about revelation, not something which can be imparted into people at our will.

One Response to “Christ builds His Church”

  1. Mark Bryan Finger Says:

    We are sent to communicate these things to those who are awakening to the importance of following the apostolic pattern.

    Only God can awaken them, even as He awakened us …

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