Faith is also what you believe

Faith is to trust God and this is specifically to trust Him concerning what He has promised. These days faith is many times thought of solely as a spiritual power one has in order to receive things from God, to pray in faith and receive an answer. This is certainly a part of what faith is, but it is much wider than that, it touches everything in our consciousness, for our faith is also what we believe and why we believe it. Our life (whether we like it or not) is spiritual and moral bcos God made us in His image, therefore everything we think and feel and aspire to, our very existence, is faith-based, for better or for worse: either revealing faith in God or faith in something other than God. All that we are and do is our faith. So for the twice-born new creation saint in Christ there is nothing in our life which we should separate from our faith in Christ: the just shall live by faith. Our faith is now who we are. It’s no longer a religious thing. Every part of our being now, in Christ, is of faith. What you think about, that is your faith. What you talk about, that is your faith. How you feel about others, that is your faith. And what you do with your time, that is your faith. What you think about the Scriptures, that is your faith. So then Scripture doctrine is exceedingly more than an intellectual interest, it is now your faith, and your faith is your life. So who we are cannot be separated from what we believe.

3 Responses to “Faith is also what you believe”

  1. redeemedhippiesplace Says:

    Once again, I find it kind of strange or neat, that I have been thinking along some of the same things you speak on. In light of the oklahoma tornado here, I was talking to my husband about what true faith is. you have expressed it in ways I was not able. If I may, I was talking with my husband and asked couldn’t what we have been taught about faith is false? For example, we are told to have faith, you must never be afraid. I find that hard to believe. I magine the people in the tornado were terrified, as I would be. Perhaps faith has more to do with, that in spite of fear, you know that God is good, perfect and just, no mattter what? when I see such darkness across the world, sometimes that is the only faith I have…to know that God is still good. I guess my faith would be called very small to some.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    I like what you’ve said Brenda, certainly faith is not merely the absence of fear. Before Jesus saved me I would be terrified deep inside when i thought there was a risk of dying, but since He saved me when i’ve had close brushes with death i can’t say that i was afraid as in terror, but His peace was there and the faith which was present was an assurance that He is in control of the situation.

    Re: What we believe:

    ” What a man or woman believes is the governing factor of their actions. The subtle mockery of sound doctrine is in fact itself a doctrine. A theology of apathy, doctrines of disinterest. ”

    ~ Glenn Christopherson

    Exactly bro, everyone has a doctrine whether they like it or not, the only issue is whether their doctrine is true.

  3. redeemedhippiesplace Says:

    It is not important that “I” be “right” with my “doctrine”. What is important is if it is sound, correct and true. I was taught years ago, “don’t be afraid or the thing you fear will come upon you.” My goodness, if that had been true, I can not begin to tell you all the awful things that would have fallen upon me. Yet, I brought myself under such condemnation that the fear of fearing something, made it worse. I’ve seen that even though some bad things have happened, God still was able to keep me in a sense of peace, even though the suffering was terrible. I still have an awful dread of death. Not so much the actual act of dying, but the fear of pain and suffering it may involve. Would I be able to stand? Would I still bless God? Would I still love him and worship Him? I suppose that would be my greatest fear now, that I would let Him down in some horrible way that would make him so ashamed and disgusted of me and I would lose my salvation. Yet, I know it is only Jesus who is able to keep me during such a time. That should be enough for me, I know, but sometimes it is not. Not when fear can be so incredibly real.

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