Some of our daughters


Becky, (cousin Aishu), Shmita and Esther.

3 Responses to “Some of our daughters”

  1. Michael Ferguson Says:

    What a great picture Ian. I just got around to looking at it now. It’s raining here so it appears I will have the day off to catch up on some mail and a few other tasks. They are growing up fast. What will you do with a house full of teenagers- or they to you?

  2. redeemedhippiesplace Says:

    Your children are very beautiful. I would bet they are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. May God watch over your children now and always.

  3. Mark Bryan Finger Says:

    I see the strength of Jesus in them, bro.

    In some ways, my daughter is spoiled with love; yet, she is strong in mind and body.

    Who needs to be more physically and mentally tough than a daughter?

    [just one Dad’s thoughts]

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