The PROCESS of Church

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  1. ian vincent Says:

    The PROCESS of Church (Text: 1 Corinthians 14)

    Rather than being an event one attends as a spectator, Church as defined in 1 Cor. 14 was supposed to have been a process of interaction with the members of the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit. By a process we mean that just by obeying the directions Paul gave for doing Church and just by taking part in the process we are changed progressively, for it is a process.

    When natural families get together they don’t set up a pulpit in the living room and follow a program and elect who will talk etc., rather they relate to each other as equals because they are in relationship to one another. They are family. For them to relate to one another by following a program would be an insult to their intelligence. But Church is a spiritual family, so how is it any different?

    See God’s wisdom in making the Church relational, so that the very process of relating to one another with respect, as equals – humbling ourselves, making room for one another and learning to listen causes us to grow. We grow by submitting to the process. If God’s process is rejected for tradition then people don’t grow together as the Body of Christ because they are not participating in the process of relating together as a spiritual family which God designed from the beginning as the spiritual environment in which we would thrive. Sure, they may learn a lot of things but without the process of a relational gathering they will never become what Christ intended for them, for they have rejected His process. They will remain immature.

    This is highlighted when a believer who has only known traditional Church visits a relational Church. He feels like a duck out of water. He’s never learned to discuss the Word of God with others as equals, with respect, esteeming others better than himself. His thinking is scattered and all over the place because he’s only been listening, he’s not been discussing or articulating what the Scriptures mean. He even lacks the social skills to discuss things in a respectful or civil way. Being a spectator or a member of the Church audience did not train him for real life and it left him unskilled in the Word of God: he can’t articulate or teach the Word.

    And this is a vicious cycle for if they remain immature they will also remain ignorant of the process and continue just to be a spectator of a Church event, part of the audience and ignorantly supporting this religious system which keeps them immature. People in the religious system can attain to so much knowledge and can be quite effectual for God at times by His grace, but they never learn to function corporately in a relational way and according to God’s Kingdom order. Their way of doing Church eliminates the relational process so they never come to full maturity in the way that they relate to people, and this was never God’s desire for it robs His Son of the glory due to Him.

    ~ Ian Vincent (From the Archives)

  2. Jack Says:

    Very good points, brother Ian.

  3. amongtheforgotten Says:

    We know full well how much people dislike change. Even when the truth is staring them in the face with mountains of scriptural evidence at hand, people still love their chains and the temporal comfort religions seem to offer.
    I agree Ian, not only does this unwillingness to submit to this relational process stunt and harm us, it robs God of the very glory due Him through what He established for our good.

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