The end determines the means

My spirit longs to be in glory with the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit in us is always pulling us heavenward toward that great Day, for that is the nature of the Spirit of adoption (Rom. 8:15) we are orphans in this world but we are not orphans in heaven – our Father is in heaven so all of our being belongs where our Father is.

And this glory to come of standing in heaven face to face with the Lord Jesus should determine how we live today: it shapes everything, what we believe, what we do, what we preach and teach, how we read and understand the Bible, and the means by which we do things, so that all that constitutes our life is flowing like a steady stream toward heaven, in perfect harmony with our destination. This is the true Christian life, a life which really belongs in heaven and is flowing toward heaven.

Don’t you feel like you’re caught up in this divine flow of the Spirit, like a river which flows back to God? There is a river that flows from God and it also catches us up in it and flows back to God – Jesus is both the source and the destination of that river.

The end determines the means. Whenever you are faced with ethical, moral or value judgments then just think of the end, and that should be the answer for the now, for our decisions should harmonize with our destination, cos we may be closer to our destination than we think…

But the great tragedy is that many who take the name of Christ are living lives which are in stark contradiction to their destination.

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