God’s spokesmen

It’s almost amazing that God even needs to have spokesmen, but He does so in His great mercy.

I mean, it seems amazing that mankind would even need to be told about God in the first place, and of their fallen state, and of their need for a Savior. It’s amazing that any of the glorious and all-consuming glorious facts about God presented in the Bible could ever become subjects which mere men debate over.

It sometimes seems like a game we are playing with people, like as if God needs some good public relations agents, like as if people need to be convinced that God exists and that He is Almighty God the Creator of heaven and earth.

The glory of God is self evident in all of creation. Every man and woman knows that God exists and they know they are living in rebellion against Him.

But the Cross is the judgment of the entire world and hence every creature must be told, at least once, of what God has done to reconcile them to Him thru the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

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