New Testament Church Life

I listened to this brother Steve Atkerson for the first time today and was much encouraged to hear what he had to say from the Word of God about how Church was always supposed to have been. Steve makes a compelling case for the continuation of the practices and traditions of the Apostles today.

The “clergy” don’t like it cos there’s no money to be made out of it.

And the “laity” don’t like it cos it means taking on a lifestyle they don’t want, where there would be real commitment to others.

Have a listen.

The Importance of Wineskins (Steve Atkerson)
Timeless Apostolic Traditions (Steve Atkerson)
The Lord’s Supper: A Holy Meal (Steve Atkerson)
Participatory Worship (Steve Atkerson)
Elder-led Congregational Consensus (Steve Atkerson)
Relational Church (Mike Indest)
What Elders Do (Steve Atkerson)
Heresy & The House Church (Steve Atkerson)
House Churches (Steve Atkerson and Dan Walker)
Divine Order (Mike Indest)
New Covenant Giving (Steve Atkerson)
Church Discipline (Mike Indest)
Deacon & Elder Appointment (Steve Atkerson)
Disciple Making In The House Church (Steve Atkerson)
Prescription for Unity (Steve Atkerson)

4 Responses to “New Testament Church Life”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Just receive the brother’s gift for what it is. Don’t take everything on board. Don’t get too excited about it. Don’t think “Wow! this is the answer! this is it! now we have the key!” Don’t camp out on the subject. Don’t make the color of the wine-skin more important than the new wine it bears.

    I like what Steve said about the relationship between the wine and the wine-skin. A wine-skin only has any value if there is wine to fill it, and then, by virtue of the presence of the precious wine, it becomes invaluable. And once the wine comes, then a ruptured wine-skin is just as useless as having no wine-skin at all. The wine alone determines the value and the role or function of the wine-skin.

    Another point Steve makes is about the Apostolic “traditions” – paradosis in Gk. There were certain traditions the Apostles had which they emphatically and vigorously required in all the churches. Traditions or a pattern of both belief and example – practices. And the Apostles were always having to deal with people who wanted to depart from those traditions. They would have no truck with such an idea. If they returned today they would find a lot of people who don’t want to keep the traditions of the Apostles.

    Thank God that He has put such men as Steve in the body of Christ. Be good Bereans and check it out in the Scriptures, and then respond as the Holy Spirit leads.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Steve makes a compelling case. Please have a listen.

  3. ian vincent Says:


  4. ian vincent Says:


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