What’s it like to be lost?

It’s 26 years since Jesus saved me, and I can barely remember what it’s like to be lost, but I do remember something of what it was like.

It can parallel quite close to the experience you may have had as a child if you actually did get lost somewhere, either in a department store or a forest; regardless of the location, it was not nice.

As a child, then, the key element to your “lostness” was that you were lost in relation to your mom or dad. All that mattered to you was that you make contact with them. The experience of being in a place of total disconnection from them is what you experienced as “lostness”. It is a place of desolation and no hope.

But when mom or dad finds you, then your “lost location” is now irrelevant, you are “home”, you are found.

Salvation is no different bcos it relates totally to the Person of Jesus Christ. If you are disconnected from His Person then you are lost. That’s why lost people are desolate and have no hope, and why saved people have life, love, hope and joy.

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