Objectivity or subjectivity?

On Facebook i observe a full-on assault of “Christians” questioning the authority of Scripture.

The truth about God (which is the only truth worth knowing) has to be objective, absolute truth. Either a person sees the Bible as absolute truth, or they have a subjective view of truth, which is no truth by its own definition.

They are asking us to believe something subjective, which has no basis except their own mind or opinion, and place that above the objective truth of Scripture.

Subjectivity is THE problem today. The problem is in people even accepting subjective thought as being valid in the first place.

If anyone projects or teaches any truth which is not Bible truth then they are projecting a subjective “truth”.

And the Christian world loves it! They are lapping it up and buying into it in a big way and making the smiley merchandisers of it very wealthy in the process.

I’m sorry, I don’t believe you. Show me that in the Bible!

I think many don’t relate this truth of objective or absolute truth to their understanding of the Church. When the topic is the Church and how she should function then RARELY is the Bible the sole source of truth which people base their understanding and practice on. And many who claim to be Bible fundamentalists are, ironically, very unbiblical in their understanding and practice of church.

And that is our calling in these final days, to call the Church back to the fact that the Scriptures are the EXCLUSIVE source and authority for how the Church should be and function.

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