Sin earns a wage

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Rom. 6:23

Sin always earns a wage. It always accrues a payment, and that payment is death. In the Bible, death is described as simply being separation from God, and that separation is a terrifying desolation, hopelessness and misery.

Even if the redeemed sinner sins, who has received the gift of eternal life in Jesus, then the payment which he is paid is to be given a small taste of death, to feel what it is like to break fellowship and communion with his Father and with his Lord. It is death. And only those who have been given the gift of life in Jesus truly know what death tastes like, and sin is death to them and they avoid sin just as much as they avoid being killed, for it’s the same thing.

That sin earns a wage is as sure a law as the law of gravity – it doesn’t matter whether a person believes in the law of gravity or not, they are subject to it – gravity doesn’t show any partiality or favoritism and treats both rich and poor the same. In the same way it doesn’t matter what you believe about the Bible for everything written there will apply to you and will have eternal consequences for you, as they are the words of God sent to you.

It is preposterous to think that God will not do exactly what He said He will do. People misjudge Him. They want to make Him out to be like them, someone who may or may not keep their word.

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