A nutty conversation on Facebook


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  1. ian vincent Says:

    What about this scenario:

    A man comes to MacArthur’s church, stands up in the middle of the service and announces he has terminal cancer and asks JM if he would be so kind as to pray for his healing in Jesus name.

    MacArthur realizes he has to pray for the man or he will appear callous and uncaring….
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    Will Rogers I feel dumber for having read that.
    November 25 at 9:55am · Like · 13

    Jim Durrett Perhaps you should “examine yourself” for such a hope.
    November 25 at 9:56am · Like · 6

    Rebecca Schwem That was dumb
    November 25 at 10:25am · Like · 2

    Jeff Stone I need to repent for wasting my time with this post. I’ll be in the corner
    November 25 at 10:36am via mobile · Like · 5

    Scott Thompson bubble vision oooooooo bubble vision !!
    November 25 at 11:34am · Like · 2

    Jason Christopher I’m speechless…
    November 25 at 12:39pm · Like · 1

    Jason Salamone ^ The responses to this scenario posed by Ian, which I believe makes a valid point, makes me wonder if this page has become infiltrated by liberals???
    November 25 at 7:35pm via mobile · Edited · Like · 1

    Andrew Clover First you’ll have to show us where MacArthur or his church have denied that God heals people. Waiting…
    November 25 at 7:32pm · Like · 8

    Rebecca Schwem Andrew, exactly!
    November 25 at 7:36pm · Like · 3

    Rebecca Schwem This reminds me of the Garden of Eden, where satan convinced Adam and Eve that they wanted to be equal to God. That looks like what we have here. People that resent not having the gifts the apostles had and that those gifts were temporary. We will alwa…See More
    November 25 at 7:59pm · Edited · Like · 5

    Andrew Schreck if you compare the sign giftrs to love, what should we focus on?
    November 25 at 8:21pm · Like · 1

    Rebecca Schwem If you keep your eyes on the prize (Hebrews 3:14), Jesus, rather than temporary gifts, what do you have? Obedience to Christ. And love demonstrated to others by sharing the really Good News. Love is giving the hope promised, not by misleading hurting people.
    November 25 at 8:29pm · Like · 2

    Andrew Schreck I do wonder what percent of people came to a knowledge of Christ that we know of in the Bible that accually turned and repented after mericals happened, I know for sure that most did not believe even after seeing a mericle. mericales were in part to afferm Christs’ minestry, only a fraction accually came to a knowledge of Him that we know of.
    November 25 at 8:43pm · Edited · Like · 1

    Rebecca Schwem In fairness to those people, they didn’t have the New Testament. Jesus is not someone I would challenge to prove himself today in order to believe. The New Testament, “the gift” that keeps on giving!
    November 25 at 9:20pm · Edited · Like · 2

    Rebecca Schwem Here’s a question. Why would cessationists not want to believe the gifts of healing are still current? We have terminal illnesses too. We have paralyses too. We have emotional pain too. Why are we content with the promises of God and more focused on He…See More
    November 25 at 8:51pm · Like · 2

    Rebecca Schwem Matthew 28:19-Cesssationists and Conntinuationists both claim we are share the Gospel with all. No conflict there. Each claim our real citizenship is in heaven. Each claim we are to be obedient to Christ. After that, it goes off in the ditch. One grou…See More
    November 25 at 9:03pm · Like · 2

    Gregory Cripe That’s why it is called The Apostolic Age !
    November 25 at 9:16pm via mobile · Like · 2

    Michael James Dalling To OP:

    John MacAurtur would never claim that he has the gift of healing (unlike the charismatics) he would be brought low before GOD for the simple fact that GOD answered his prayer for he knows that we was just a vessel that GOD used to do HIS works and that it was not by his (John) own special gift that the man is healed…
    about an hour ago via mobile · Like

    Ian Vincent That’s good. So pray for the sick but don’t claim you have the gift of healing. Don’t claim anything. There”s the answer. Don’t claim to be a “Doctor of Theology” or a “Reverend” – what a bad joke before the judgment seat of Christ!
    about an hour ago · Like

    Michael James Dalling ……..you have missed the point, one can be a scholar but to claim you have a power like healing and tongues as a continual gift is not true, also the majority of people who claim these gifts that I know and have witnessed live some of the most hypocritical lives I have ever seen
    about an hour ago via mobile · Like

    Jason Christopher Really Ian?? That’s a straw man argument… We pray for people’s salvation, but we have no power to save them.
    about an hour ago · Like

    Ian Vincent Yes only God can save and only God can heal. What’s the problem with that? (but satan can also heal) So what if some people boast they have the power to heal people. There will always be nutters in all religious camps (just see some of the comments here!)
    45 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 1

    Ian Vincent Is there anyone here who can put forth an intelligent argument?
    47 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Michael James Dalling Ian you are being quite rude for you have just indirectly called everyone here fools, and what did Christ say about calling a brother fool? Is it not considered murder of the heart?

    I think you should repent….
    44 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Ian Vincent If you have any intelligent comment i will reply to it. Callng out a person that their reasoning is not sound does not equal calling them a fool. I’m right in calling out some of these comments as being disingenuous.
    38 minutes ago · Edited · Like

    Ian Vincent Prove from the Scripture that what i said is false.
    41 minutes ago · Like

    Jason Christopher Let me get this straight Ian, you came here stating you hope MacArthur gets dismissed as a heretic because he prays for someone and they get healed, and you are upset at the rest of us?? You didn’t put forth a Biblical argument, you gave a fictitious scenario. This would be different if you asked a legitimate question instead of starting a conversation by saying you hope someone loses their pastoral job.
    39 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Michael James Dalling Ian Be careful about puffing yourself up for I know I’m not as smart as many, and I know that I may be lowly, but that gives you absolutely no right to be rude and insulting
    38 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Michael James Dalling You know them by their fruits…..
    37 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Ian Vincent You didnt understand my post. If John MacArthur gets dismissed for God healing someone then that means he is in a cult, and getting dismissed from that would be the best thing which could happen to my brother in Christ.
    36 minutes ago · Like

    Andrew Clover We understood your post fine. It was dumb.
    36 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Ian Vincent Michael, you’re making a few accusations there. I will consider whether i’m posting bcos i’m puffed up. Thanks for the exhortation.
    35 minutes ago · Like

    Jason Christopher I’m confused… Do you think MacArthur is in a cult? What is the true point of your post? Quite frankly it hasn’t sparked an edifying theological conversation. You haven’t provided any Scripture references. Honestly, it appears you are only here to instigate.
    34 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Ian Vincent You are saying there’s no point in proclaiming the truth of the Scriptures to people? I’m still waiting for an intelligent comment.
    33 minutes ago · Like

    Jason Christopher What Scriptural truth have you proclaimed thus far? I don’t see any Bible references…
    32 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent Do i just consider this as SPAM?
    32 minutes ago · Like

    Michael James Dalling John MacAurtur has never denied miracles even now a days……… But the majority of those whom say they do these things with a power given by GOD do not…..let’s look at Mark Driscoll: he claims GOD has given him visions of some members of his congr…See More
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    Jason Christopher Ok I’m finished Ian. You refuse to put forth a Biblical argument for your case. Happy Thanksgiving
    30 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent I’m assuming you’ve read the Bible and know that Jesus commanded that we pray for the sick and cast out demons in His name, and that there is no Scripture which revokes this command. Just assuming.
    29 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 1

    Ian Vincent See my last post
    30 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent Give me a Scripture which says Jesus revoked His command to pray for the sick and cast out demons. If not, then why post such nonsense arguments?
    27 minutes ago · Like

    Scott Thompson Our troops coming home with missing limbs and lame some have up to ten doctors! we have cell phones, internet, news media WHERES THE HEALING? there not happening I’ve asked Ian to show me some verifiable healing? I was told I was spam.
    21 minutes ago · Like

    Mike Wile Miracles Happen Everyday, I See No Need For Man Needing To Dance Around Acting Like A Fool Afer Witnessing A Miracle. Is His Faith That Shallow?
    20 minutes ago · Like

    Scott Thompson NEWS media don’t dance they verify ..
    18 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent So if you get proof on Youtube then you will believe that Jesus still heals? The Scripture has no bearing on what you believe, you will need to see some proof? What often happens is that when real men and women of God get answers to prayer for healing they don’t feel the need to post it on the internet.
    18 minutes ago · Like

    Scott Thompson God does heal through providence! not the Charismatics wishful way..
    17 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent So no need to pray? No need to preach the gospel? According to your reasoning.
    16 minutes ago · Like

    Scott Thompson Come on they would put it on there cell phone and you know they would..
    16 minutes ago · Like

    Scott Thompson There not happening the Charismatic way just admit it..
    15 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent Google testimonies of healing. What if even just 1 % of them are authentic testimonies that people got healed by prayer in Jesus name? But again, the issue here is your approach to Scripture, not circumstantial evidence. If you don’t believe what Scripture says about it then what’s the point of citing testimonies?
    12 minutes ago · Edited · Like

    Scott Thompson Charismatics are the only ones claiming miracles! When is the rest of the world going to get to verify it? there not because God heal through sovereignty and providence …
    9 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent Scott, im against the charismatic movement in general. But that is irrelevant to the fact that Jesus still heals.
    8 minutes ago · Like

    Michael James Dalling No one says that doesn’t happen…..but it not by our power and we should not claim to have that power… For GOD does miracles using us in spite of us and our wretchedness
    7 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Ian Vincent What are you going to verify? There are also lying signs and wonders so just bcos people are healed is irrelevant to whether Jesus still heals.
    7 minutes ago · Like

    Scott Thompson he heals through providence! but that’s not good enough for some folks because they want to claim the POWER…
    7 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent No prayer, right?
    6 minutes ago · Like

    Scott Thompson God ordains the ends from the means..
    6 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent So, no prayer?
    5 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Vincent I’m trying to understand where the erratic and scattered thinking comes from, and i think it’s due to a very simplistic notion that there are “bad guys” and “good guys” and if someone is branded a “bad guy” (a charismatic) then that gives license to suspend all intelligent, rational discussion and just slander them.
    about a minute ago · Like

  2. ian vincent Says:

    If Jesus has stopped all answers to prayer for healing or deliverance then there would be no need to have any discernment, we could just assume all healing is demonic. So, when cessasionists say we need discernment, what kind of discernment are they talking about? We need discernment to know the difference between true healing from false healing and false manifestations.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Denise Forsberg Gumprecht One does not come to repentant faith from seeing a miracle. Today is it solely through hearing the gospel message. Romans 10:17 Miracles were for the apostolic age and presently God’s Word is sufficient. Certainly one may pray for healing and this does not come through human hands but by God alone SHOULD He allow- no automatic healings today.
    9 hours ago · Like · 1

    Sherrie Lynn Adler John MacArthur prays as the Bible tells us to: for salvation first for the person. The soul is what matters. Then of course JM prays that God might have mercy if it’s His will to heal the person. But mostly for God’s will to be done. Many times for a person to be on their death bed is where they see that they are bankrupt sinners who need a Saviour and they cry out to God to save them. And many times for that sick believing person, it Glorifies God more for them to stay sick. For in weakness and affliction, non-Christians can see God’s power through the Grace that flows in sustaining that believer in their affliction. Just take a look at Joni Eareckson Tada. Wow, how God has used her in bringing hope to the unsaved! Have you watched her testimony at the StrangFire Conference, Ian?
    5 hours ago · Like · 1

    Ian Vincent Denise, in the first century was God doing healing and deliverance solely to convince people of the authority of the apostles and it had nothing to do with drawing people to Christ – was it only their preaching which drew people to Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and deliver played no part in people coming to Christ?………..That would be a major shift in the ministry and nature of the Holy Spirit, and there is no Scriptural basis to believe that. If there is please tell me. ……..Of course, to pray for sinners to repent is more important than healing. ……That Joni and so many good people didn’t get healed should not be presented as evidence that God doesn’t heal. It means God is God. …….To say that God will only heal if you don’t lay hands and pray is silly. ….And to say that it always glorifies God for people to stay sick seems a bit strange in light of the fact that Jesus healed all who were brought to Him, then Jesus was robbing them of the chance to give God glory.

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