Lost your moorings?

It’s interesting to consider the moral dilemma the world faces (though they don’t consider it a dilemma at all). They are saying that morality is cultural. So when the culture shifts then morality shifts with it, having no moral absolute it is anchored to. Then, theoretically, there is no limit to what evils a society could eventually legitimize when people think they are God – the determiners of right and wrong. Atheism or humanism are self-theisms – just an exchange of gods.

2 Responses to “Lost your moorings?”

  1. The Narrowing Path Says:

    This post reminded me of a once dear friend’s comment to me, said in all seriousness…”gender is merely a social construct designed by misogynistic, patriarchal societies to oppress women”. It was then that the horror of post-modern relativistic ‘morality’ (which is no morality at all) truly hit me. Not withstanding the obvious differences between males and females that are hardly imaginary, I realised that with this one statement my friend could justify her lifestyle of bisexuality, multiple partners, religious bigotry and hard line feminism. Heartbreaking barely describes it.

    I propose that the result of ‘moral’ relativity is not merely theoretical, but rather that there truly is no limit, but for the grace of God, to what evils humans will legitimize. I think that has greatly informed my understanding of hell, the only truly God-less place. An eternity without God’s grace, mercy and love…that thought fills me with terror. And rightly so!

    Keep up the great posts, Ian. I am enjoying being challenged to think more about the issues you raise. Blessings in Christ, Sherryn

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks Sherryn!

    God is restraining the antichrist (man of sin) from appearing, but when He removes the restraint and allows satan to bring forth his man then there will be no more restraint against evil, it will be allowed to have free expression for a brief time.

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