Concerns with Mr Robertson’s morality?

Re: The duck man Phil Robertson: If the issue is about him expressing his personal opinion that a certain kind of behavior is wrong and even sinful then the reaction suggests some kind of Orwellian state where the Thought Police have discovered some wrong thoughts and need to take action. (The Thought Police must be very moral to be so concerned about Mr Robertson’s morality) But if it is the Bible which is in the dock then they should direct their censorship against the Bible and not against the poor fool who has been found guilty of quoting the Bible.

Society should just admit that even though the Bible plainly states what sin is they choose to not agree with the Bible or with the claims Scripture makes of being God’s Word. So then the issue is concerning the Bible not opinion. They have to decide whether to ban the Bible or not. Phil Robertson didn’t handle it very well, skirting the real issue, which he may not understand.

The issue is the Bible, not Phil Robertson’s opinions. Freedom of speech is an issue but not the central issue. The issue is over the parameters of freedom of speech, as there should never be absolute freedom of speech, that would be anarchy, people could defame each other and destroy others with impunity, but the issue is what defines hate speech. Therefore the issue is whether the Bible is hate speech.

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