God works in you

God works in you. He does many things in you. One of the great works of God in the disciple of Jesus is to be actively building our faith so that our faith grows and becomes stronger in Him. Consider how God the Father is at work today in you to build your faith. How is He working to produce that result? Were you aware that He is working in you to that end? Did you know He is committed to you to build your faith to full maturity? How is He orchestrating all things so that your faith will need to be stretched beyond its present position? See how He is weaning us off everything which is not of faith, like a gentle nursing mother, so that we can really know Jesus Christ by faith. See how He will only allow Himself to be known by faith and by no physical or natural medium. Now cooperate with Him and allow Him and His words to work in you mightily and be the perfecter of your faith.

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