Anything which conflicts with the Bible is very hard to believe

Some things are easy to believe, they are believable, and other things hard to believe. For me, the Bible is easy to believe. Even before I was a Christian I knew the Bible was true, anytime I would pick it up and have a read of it. It just struck me as being presented as fact and not mythology, it had the ring of truth to it ringing like a bell in my conscience. The alternative beliefs the world offered seemed so absurd, far-fetched and hard to believe. It would require an enormous leap of blind faith to believe that the facts presented in the Bible about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are not true. It is harder to believe that these facts were invented than to believe they are true. The historicity of Jesus should be just as easy to believe as that of any other great historical figure. If anyone told you that Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte were mythological figures, or they existed, but no one really knows what they did: to believe that would take a giant leap of blind faith.

Jesus is historical in the sense that He really was on the earth and therefore His life, death and resurrection were historical events and therefore part of human history, and of course He is the center of human history bcos He lives.

History only immortalizes people who actually existed and who accomplished something great. Early Christianity was built on the fact of many eye-witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus, so if there was no resurrection there would have been no Christianity. Therefore, the place Jesus has in history is due to Him rising from the dead and ascending to heaven.

The belief that the Biblical account of Jesus is not true is a lot harder to believe than the belief that it is true. Why are people willing to crawl out on a limb and believe something so absurd as the denial of the Biblical record of Jesus? What you don’t believe is also part of what you believe. To say, I don’t believe that, is in itself a statement of belief. For Christians, false interpretations of Scripture should be harder to believe than true ones. For the Christian, to believe the truth about Jesus and His way, commands and Kingdom means also to not believe the lies presented about Him and the ways in which Scripture is twisted in order for man to justify his own ambitions and goals or greed. Believing will also mean identifying those things which you cannot believe or accept.

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