How do you know if you’re “successful”?

(My comment from FB) It’s a good and relevant issue, Mike. The issue is hyper-spirituality. You could never be led too much by the Spirit, or on the other hand, too much by the Truth of God’s Word. Hyper-spirituality means a wrong view which leads to a departure from reality but the person still believes it is God in it, and it is just as common on both sides of the pentecostal-evangelical fence or divide.

And worth noting that Jesus also said that many who are first now will be last then, their “results” when tried by the fire will be seen to be nothing. I think the greatest danger is in Christians redefining the meaning of truths, like the meaning or paradigm of Church, so that “results” can be produced without God. Can you quantify character, love and holiness and put it up as objective results or data on a power-point presentation? Can the “success” of a church be measured objectively, or is it subjective? A church is a set of relationships, so how do we “rate” the quality of the love in those relationships?

One Response to “How do you know if you’re “successful”?”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    i put successful in parenthesis bcos, while we commonly think in those terms today it is not used in exactly the same terms of reference in the Biblical paradigm

    faithfulness and obedience are the Biblical terms of success

    in this sense Jeremiah was a xuccess, or Job or Joseph or any of the heroes of faith

    at the end of Paul’s ministry very few were still left supporting him,
    the majority he helped did not appreciate him, so was he as “successful” as many of the big names today?

    it depends solely on which criteria we use to judge success and how we define success.

    i think its a very biblical and correct thing for us to evaluate our own life and ministry regularly but only by the standard of God’s Word, for that is the exact standard all things will one day be judged by.

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