Passive or active or both?

The true Christian life is often lived out in a tension zone between parallel truths, like grace and responsibility: Grace should never be used to avoid responsibility and responsibility never a hindrance to grace. But this often happens.

In seeking God’s will are we to be passive or active? And is faith passive or active? Is it resting or working? Relaxing or striving? It has both elements to it.

When we cast all our cares on the Lord we should not think this means we can then take the passive option and sing along with Doris Day, Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be... There’s pressing into God by faith and casting all your cares by faith – two parallel truths. In one sense we are passive and in another sense we are active. So the spiritual man or woman is just as much an enigma to the world as Jesus is, for such a person is hidden in Him.

After you’ve cast A-L-L your cares on Him by faith then press in by faith even more to know Him and to do His will.

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