What’s the problem?

A Christian visits your house church and feels uncomfortable. You ask him, what’s the problem? He doesn’t know, but he feels nervous.

Is there anything happening here which is unbiblical? If so, please do share it from the Scriptures.

Is there a lack of love, care and concern for you? If so, please tell us.

Does the fact we are all equals make you nervous? Or the fact that people are free to share the things the Lord is teaching them and free to speak of Him?

Are you nervous bcos the Holy Spirit is leading the meeting and it is not following a program or liturgy?

Or are you nervous bcos you are not personally secure in the Lord, and may have hidden things in your life, and therefore you are guarded about the prospect that anyone might get too close?


The dynamic in play in house churches is the freedom. So, what people are like in real life, in normal living, is the very shape and nature the church fellowship will take. If most of their time is spent thinking about worldly things, then when they come to church they tend to share from that perspective. So, it only “works” when people are actually walking with the Lord every day. If not, it is a disaster. And this is the very thing which contributed to the birth of the church system in the first place – how to manage carnal Christians so there is “order” and they don’t start fighting or arguing in church.

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