The Way of Faith

Most mornings i go jogging. I love the time spent with God on the open road under the open expanse of sky. I jog along a road. Stretched before me is tarmac. Someone has rolled out this carpet of road so we can run along it. It would be pretty hard if there weren’t no road laid out.

The walk of faith with Jesus is similar. He has His way we are to walk in, walking with Him, yoked together with Him. He rolls out His way before us and we run down that road, His road.

He only expects us to run down the road which He lays out before us. This is the walk of faith. If Jesus has a way for me, He must make a way first, and then lead me on it. It’s not my responsibility to make a way, but to discern the way He is making before me to travel on.

Sometimes the road only appears when we take the next step of faith. But it does appear before our foot touches down on the ground. Every place on which the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours (Deut. 11:24).

Like, when the Israelis reached the Red Sea, with the Egyptians in hot pursuit. There was no road ahead, in the natural. But by faith God rolled out a road for them thru the Red Sea. Same thing when they reached the Jordan River in peak flood. As soon as the priests stepped into the water God rolled out His road for them to walk on.

So look ahead at the day and the week and the year like that, that if you are seeking the Lord with all your heart and trusting Him, and have surrendered your will to His, that He will roll out a road, a way, for you to go forward on.

Jesus requires faithfulness to Him. Then we gotta know what it is, in relation to Him, we need to be faithful with.

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