When the dragon speaks he speaks a lie

I don’t get obsessed with the great falling away, but we do have a duty to warn people. Watch this address by the pope. Nothing he says here is true. It is all a lie. He says that Mary was saved bcos she suffered and earned redemption etc.. etc.. Is this true? Does Mary help save us today? True or false? Can praying the rosary bring world peace? True or false?

Who is the father of liars? Satan. Where do all lies originate from, according to Jesus? Satan. So this man, who claims to be OUR leader and our SHEPHERD (imagine that!) is animated by satan, in that everything he says is a lie, or a double talk (self contradiction). Do you really want to have fellowship with demons and support this fraud? You should expose the lies, not make an agreement with them.

One Response to “When the dragon speaks he speaks a lie”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Pope Francis to Consecrate World to the Immaculate Heart

    In positive news, His Holiness Pope Francis has announced that on October 13th he will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In honor of this event, please join me in prayer as we honor the Immaculate Heart of the Holy Mother of God and our Lord Jesus Christ


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