Yesterday i met some young American missionaries, and here’s what one of them said:

a) You can never really know what Jesus meant to say, it is so deep you can’t really understand it, and people interpret it different ways.

b) All Christians should put all doctrines aside and just love each other and then there will be unity.

My first thought was that it’s so predictable what young Christians believe now, like they all go to the same brainwashing center and read from the same script or something. It makes you release how unified the great apostasy is – it’s like an alternative kingdom of God, but fully united in deception. And this is what we are warned: ...they will believe a lie (2 Thess. 2:11).

On the second point, if we laid our doctrines (NT teachings) aside in order to have unity, do you know what would happen next? Those with false gospels and false teachings immediately try to take control and dominate. It’s exactly like that. False prophets and false teachers will never lay aside THEIR doctrine for the sake of unity.

The dear young person saying these things doesn’t even realize they are preaching a doctrine of men.

3 Responses to “Brainwashing”

  1. GraceandTruth Says:

    how sad….

  2. ian vincent Says:

    First century Church and Christianity was the essence of simplicity. These days, oftentimes the debates are over things which did not exist in the first century Church.

    The fact is that church evolved into something else, and then we debate over how to have church, so it will be a circular, endless debate, like debating whether blue or red is the best color, if we think we have the liberty to reinvent the church.

    Also, people often don’t realize that everything they do is a “doctrine”. Will the leaders of christendom put aside their ungodly practices for the sake of unity? Will the TV evangelists give all the millions of dollars back for the sake of unity? Wlil the mega-church pastor disband his unbiblical church for the sake of unity? Will the RCC abandon her abominations for the sake of unity? ….Not on your life. The “unity” movement only targets those with any character or integrity. The scammers are not considered a threat to unity.

  3. milind Says:

    Unity can only be acceptable to God ‘in Christ’ , His teaching and His Word. anything else is not of Him

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