A testimony

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  1. ian vincent Says:

    Sick of politics, I was spinning through channels one day and I found Way of the Master Radio with Ray Comfort, Todd Friel and Kirk Cameron. They are in-your-face street preachers. As part of the radio show they would go out and find random people on the street, then lead them through the 10 commandments to see how many they have broken, and try to convince them they deserved to go to hell.

    Once they had convinced them of this, and the person seemed concerned about it, they would drop the Gospel on them. Give them the “Good News.” I spent about three weeks listening to this show. Not because I liked what they were talking about but rather because it was hilarious when these over-bearing bible-bangers would get just exploded on by someone who didn’t want to hear what they had to say.

    At some point during this I was laughing at them and I remember saying through laughter, “God, if this garbage is real, you need to open my eyes. This seems like a scam to me.”

    Sometime during the third week, they found a guy that was exceedingly convicted by the walk through of the Ten Commandments. The guy never hesitated when he was asked “If you were to stand before God in judgment do you think you’d go to Heaven or Hell?” The guy replied, “Hell.” He had what I remember being a very somber voice. When asked if that concerned him, he simply replied, “Yes.” Then Ray Comfort broke into the Good News of Christ, and God loving us so much that he has paid our fine for our sin and that it is by grace through faith that we are saved. I sat there, driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour listening to this guy, only this day it wasn’t funny. This day I sat there thinking “This guy is me.”

    As I heard Ray explain the Good News to the gentleman on the air, I fell apart. I started to cry like a baby. I could hardly see the road as I worked the semi into the wayside rest. I stopped, pulled the breaks on, went back into the sleeper, hit my knees and I’ve never looked back.

    I spent almost two hours repenting and praying for forgiveness. I spent the rest of the day listening to Christian radio and talking to God.


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