When God indwells

The indwelling Holy Spirit is fully God, and He has come down from heaven, and His standard of holiness is exactly God’s standard, for He is God, He is the Holy Spirit. When He indwells you then you have Heaven’s standard of holiness residing in you, engraving the Words of God deep into your heart, giving you the revelation of Jesus Christ, and the power to know Him and follow Him.

Perhaps the greatest scandal in Christianity is the notion that the standard of holiness which the indwelling Holy Spirit has is somehow less than the standard of holiness in heaven, before the throne of God. When our standard of holiness differs from the indwelling Holy Spirit’s standard, then He is grieved, and His grief registers in our spirit and conscience.

It’s staggering to think that God lives in our bodies.

In the religious world, when people think that God is at some certain location they come in their thousands from all corners of the world, revealing they don’t believe the gospel, not having God in them.

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