The error of identifying with a man’s teaching

On a conceptual level, if it is OK to identify oneself as a Calvinist or an Arminian, then it would also be OK to identify oneself as a Marvinist, a Jackinist, a Fredinist, or a Tom, Dick or Harry-ite, just so long as the latter is smarter than the former. What if Fred comes along and he is smarter or more correct than Calvin? If you are a Calvinist then you must convert to Fredinism and become a Fredinist, that is, if you are true to the concept of identification you have made with Calvin. The issue is not to which degree these men’s teachings are Biblical, or which “ism” is the best one, the issue is over identifying yourself exclusively with the teaching of a man, and finding your identity in that, for that is an unBiblical and an anti-Biblical concept, and these are always detrimental and rob God of glory.

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