Blind man healed

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  1. ian vincent Says:

    From John Mellor on Facebook:

    Four times disabled world champion in ‘blind yachting’, Paul Borg, was totally blind for 12 years due to macular degeneration. In 2007 he was invited to a healing meeting in Bairnsdale Victoria (Australia) where, after making his way to the prayer line with his white cane and sunglasses, Jesus miraculouly restored his vision!

    After having been crooked for many years, his eyes suddenly became straight and colour returned to his eyeballs and his vision opened! Paul cried out, “I can see your shirt, I can see your shirt”! Consequently his disabled sailing career was ruined!

    Paul was interviewed on ‘A Current Affair’ and ‘The John Safran Show’ and his miracle has been a wonderful testimony of how Jesus still heals today. Paul now trains upcoming disabled athletes.

    Interestingly, after he was healed, eye specialists examining his eyes told him that he shouldn’t be able to see because the scarring from the macular degeneration was still there, and yet he could see. Sometimes the nature of a miracle is not always totally as we’d expect and God often has reasons for this that we can’t understand immediately. Perhaps with Paul, God left the scarring in his eyes to defend him against people who accused him of having faked being blind for 12 years.

    Also, Paul shared that he had been nervous and hesitant in coming up for prayer and he told his pastor, who was with him at the meeting, that he was unsure about going up for prayer. His pastor challenged him, ‘Are you afraid of not being healed or of being healed and giving up your career?’ Paul had become so used to being blind and being something of a celebrity and he was hesitant about giving this up, but in a moment he decided he would rather have his sight back, so he went forward for prayer.

    The only negative side to his miracle is that his seeing eye dog became confused at not being needed anymore. Also, Paul’s wife cried when he came home healed. She cried not because Paul was healed, but because he could now see her wrinkles after 12 years! In one of the photos Paul is being presented his trophy by Princess Anne. See Paul’s testimony clip in the comments box below.

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