Convinced about 1 Cor. 14?

A letter to a brother:

My own testimony is that when the Lord saved me i was in a “normal”
church for 2 years (Rhema and then AOG) and had become a worship
leader. I was preaching on the streets and a bro came up to me and
became my friend and kept inviting me to a house church. I told him
the concept could never work in practicality, but he kept pestering
me so i went with him, and by that evening i was convinced the
pattern works cos i saw it with my own eyes.

Yes, it would have been better if i had instantly believed what the
Scriptures had to say about it, but there was still a lot of the
influence of my flesh – pragmatism : “If it gets results, it’s good”.

You would be most welcome to observe how we meet as equals and have
participatory meetings, and also, by His grace, you could simply take
1 Cor. 14 at face value and begin to teach and encourage obedience to
these apostolic commands.

I think a key to this is to reconcile the present day concept of
formal and informal. Christians have been moulded by other forces
and by a lack of real personal relationship with the Lord to associate
holy with formal, and worldly with informal: a compartmentalizing of
their life. They can’t countenance that we can be truly spiritual and
serious in an informal setting, in the normal day to day setting of
life. Hence, most people are “frozen” in church, and this is normal.
They adhere to an unBiblical concept of divine order and what holiness

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