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Where does your doctrine lead you?

January 24, 2015

It is an undoubted truth that every doctrine that comes from God, leads to God; and that which doth not tend to promote holiness is not of God.

~ George Whitefield

An appointment we will all keep

January 23, 2015

Just think, that every person who has ever lived will one day stand before the throne of God and come face to face with Jesus Christ as their Judge. Our lives are rushing along toward this appointment with Him. It’s an appointment no one will miss, but most are living in denial about it.

Judas is still in hell

January 23, 2015

Judas killed himself and dropped straight into hell. He’s still there. He’s been there 2000 years. Ever wondered what it would be like to spend 2000 years in hell, let alone eternity?

Cooperation with God

January 22, 2015

The Christian life is a life lived in cooperation with Jesus Christ. When we were kids we may have tried to get someone to do our homework for us, but we cannot ask Jesus to do that which He commands us to do, for that is a nebulous, out of touch with reality, faith. Jesus can’t repent for us, we need to repent. Jesus won’t evangelize for us so that we can stay comfortable at home. Jesus won’t study the Word of God for us so that we can watch TV. Jesus won’t do the praying for us so we can sleep in. Cooperation with God is the royal privilege of the royal priesthood in Christ.

Prayer Life

January 22, 2015

You are only as great as your prayer life.

Your prayer life is your spiritual heart beat.

Your people are my people

January 22, 2015

It’s a wonderful thing to pray, Lord, your people are my people!, and really mean it. (See John 17)

David and Goliath

January 22, 2015

The position of the body of Christ in the midst of the world is like little David standing before Goliath. Haha!

We need to stand our ground just like that. David was not intimidated by the giant and neither should we.

Co-Founder of Newsboys: “Now I’m an Atheist”

January 22, 2015

What should you call your Pastor?

January 22, 2015

Our esteemed brother, Todd Friel, made a video asking this question, What should you call your Pastor?

I’ve not yet seen it as i’m presently in a village which only has an intermittent 2G, and i rarely spend money on downloading videos.

So, i’m not answering Todd as i have no clue what he said, but the question is a good one, so will try and answer it.

What should you call your Pastor, in light of Jesus commands in Matthew 23 not to address anyone by an honorific religious title?

a) For a start it is not Biblical to consider or call one man “my pastor”. In the early church every church had a plurality of pastors/elders, but it is Biblical to identify more than one man as “my pastors and elders”.

b) Jesus said, categorically, not to address any man by a religious title, so, don’t even go there if you love and honor Him.

c) Calling a man “brother” is an option we have in Scripture. It is an option, it’s not mandatory. In Scripture, some believers were referred to as brother and some just by their name, so you can’t draw any conclusions from this fact, however, in certain groups the word “brother” is used as a substitute title for “pastor”, so that would be wrong.

d) Here in India we have some kind of escape clause cos all older men are always addressed as “uncle” out of respect for elders, and women are called “auntie”. Having an ancient culture has preserved certain valuable truths lost to a fast-evolvng (devolving) western culture, like hospitality, for one.

Honoring people goes way deeper than merely the words we use, and yet the right words are vital.

So, you could call your pastors and elders by their name, or as brother, or as sir, but not by any religious title. They will know whether they are honored in a truly righteous and Godly way.

The greatest honor for elders is when people heed the Word of God they teach, for this is a crown of glory on their head.

To be called “brother in Christ”, in love and sincerity, is surely the greatest honor in this life, surpassing all the vain-glory of the prideful religious titles man bestows.

Treasure house

January 22, 2015

A mature Christian man or woman is a treasure house.

The warnings and the conscience

January 22, 2015

The issue of whether one can lose salvation is especially relevant to, and foremost in the conscience of those who toy with and secretly entertain the idea of returning to their sins. It’s not really an issue to the person who has truly repented, for they have decided never to return to sin or put the warnings in the Bible to the test. If you’re not contemplating going there and putting the warnings to the test, then they won’t have center-stage in your conscience.

The warnings in Scripture are especially relevant to the backslider, and rightfully should be at the front of his conscience, for this is the reason God gave the warnings.


January 22, 2015

Let me have the holy love and fear of God in my heart, and then everything else is an added blessing.

How do you know you are called to be a Shepherd?

January 20, 2015

Pastor/Shepherd, Elder, Bishop/Overseer all refer to the one and the same ministry in the Bible, they are just different aspects of the same thing. Elder speaks of the qualification, and Pastor/Shepherd and Overseer speaks of the task. Good Shepherds are like THE Good Shepherd: that is, they know their sheep and they lay down their lives for the sheep. They never cease to pray and intercede for their sheep. They know them all by name. They know to whom their responsibility is. They are always available for their sheep, night and day, to share their burdens. This parental love and care is the basis on which true Shepherds teach the Word of God to those entrusted to them by the Great Shepherd of the sheep, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said to Peter, Feed my lambs!

Jesus works this from the inside out. He shares His love and concern for certain saints with us and this translates into solid prayer for these specific ones. Without this real love, which is evidenced by spending much time alone praying for these ones, then there is no actual basis for a man to function as an Elder/Pastor. As well, as Elders are always found in the plural, true Elders work alongside one another, arm in arm, and they never take possession of the sheep as their own.

The ignorant disciple?

January 20, 2015

Every Christian should have a basic working knowledge of what is happening in Christianity and of the prevalent heresies and abuses of God’s Word. When they meet any person from any religion, cult or sect they should have enough basic knowledge of these to be able to help that person come out of bondage. This means one has to be fairly well read from many sources over a period of years, and, of course, to meet people out there in the big bad world and get to know what they believe. How could a person be a disciple of Jesus and yet choose to remain ignorant about the state of the religious world?

The power of freedom

January 20, 2015

Only thru dialogue and meaningful conversations in the church assembly do we know if anyone understands anything, and only thru dialogue do we grow. The absence of dialogue or questions usually indicates people are not thinking, have no clue, or simply are not interested (or could be too shy or inhibited to speak up).

Then, when the freedom for dialogue is there, then the next hurdle is the proper use of freedom: not as an opportunity for the flesh to parade itself, but to build each other up in the Truth which is in Jesus.

But if there is no freedom for the flesh to parade itself then the flesh will never be dealt with. The fact that freedom can be misused is, itself, the power of freedom to be the means to bring change, by dealing with the things which would, otherwise, remain hidden beneath the surface. A traditional church, oftentimes, never deals with the flesh, it just keeps it under control – it just restrains the flesh but never crucifies it and changes the real character of people.

A church which has open dialogue (as per 1 Cor. 14) is much closer to helping people face reality than a church which does not. Without that freedom people will never really be challenged to come to grips with what kind of people they are. Freedom removes the masks and the charades and shows what’s really there inside.

Blood Relatives

January 18, 2015

We talk about our blood relatives, and yet those redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb are truly Blood Relatives, truly family, truly kin, for by His Blood we are children of the Father, and joint-heirs with the Son, and co-heirs forever together of the unsearchable riches in Christ.

The Blood unites us to God and to each other. We want to be united with Jesus, but how much do we want to be united with His people, His body?

A success story

January 18, 2015

If you obeyed the promptings of the Holy Spirit today then you were a success.

Both are true at the same time

January 18, 2015

When we preach the Gospel we need to reconcile these two truths, that God loves everyone, desiring all to repent and be saved, and His wrath remains on the unbelieving and unrepentant. Both are true at the same time, and it’s a false gospel which omits either or both.

It’s probably from Jesus

January 18, 2015

It’s probably from Jesus when a person is totally devoted, committed, faithful, persevering and suffering for something which will not give them any personal benefit, wealth or recognition in this present life.

Natural Forces

January 18, 2015

False expressions of church are the product of natural forces: they are simply sinful human flesh being sucked into and filling the void created by the spiritual vacuum of Scripture illiteracy. Where there is Scripture illiteracy the flesh and the devil always rule.