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April 30, 2015

The ONE WORLD CHURCH OF THE BEAST believes that Jesus came to unify all religions, faiths and creeds under one umbrella of love, tolerance and understanding. You can keep your own religion or faith, but you must accept this as well. if you don’t accept this new religion you are a hater and evil.

It believes Jesus came to show the world the inherent goodness of mankind and to cause the hidden spark of divinity to shine in all people. It denies that Jesus’ death was the penal substitutionary atonement for the sin of the world, hence requiring true repentance from all sin and faithful obedience to Jesus Christ, alone.

One of the most famous celebrities of this emerging BEAST CHURCH was Mother Theresa.

Gateway to another world

April 30, 2015

If you excuse or justify one work of the flesh in your life, you won’t be able to crucify the other works of the flesh in your life: That one work of the flesh will be a gateway to the rotten, stinking world of the flesh.

You shine as lights in the world

April 29, 2015

Jesus said His people are salt and light in the world: that is, a powerful influence in the world. But this only happens when His people have daily contact with the people of the world. If the people of God have no relationship with the people of the world then they are not salt and light in the world, and have no witness. Whatever specific gifts or service we are called to, we are all called to be salt and light, and to be Jesus’ witnesses in the world. You may not yet know your specific ministry, but know that you are called to shine as a light in a dark world.

That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world..
. Philippians 2:15

It’s either God or idols

April 28, 2015

All people either worship God or idols, but they cannot worship both.

Who can stop you praying?

April 28, 2015

If you are a saved person, and you are finding it hard to pray, then know that you are now in Christ, and therefore nothing can stop you from praying: not your old nature, the flesh, and not the devil. Ask yourself, do I want to pray? If your heart answers, yes, then nothing can stop you. Only you can stop you.

Something missing from the equation

April 27, 2015

Truth is like an equation, made up of components, and when people explain the truth you sometimes get the feeling something is missing from the equation.

Lost a battle, but won the war

April 27, 2015

The true Christian life is a war, consisting of many battles, one after the other. If you happen to lose one battle, or even several battles, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost the war. The war ain’t over until God declares it over. And the Commander of the Lord’s Army doesn’t discard His wounded soldiers who truly repent and trust in Him. He heals them and makes them even stronger to stand immovable in the next battle (see Ephesians 6).

Conscious of whom?

April 27, 2015

The more you are conscious of God, the less conscious you are of yourself.


April 27, 2015

God bless the equipping ministries today! Those who equip the saints with God’s Word to be holy and faithful to Jesus, and to overcome the world.

Thank God for the warnings

April 26, 2015

Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. Luke 21:10-11

Jesus said that in the last days, prior to His coming, earthquakes will increase, both in frequency and in magnitude, and it’s a scientific fact earthquakes have increased in this generation.

Now, was Jesus saying that this increase in quake activity will merely be coincidence, a natural occurrence, with no prophetic significance?

Obviously not.

Jesus was saying that these catastrophic events are warning signs of impending judgment, so that people are warned to flee the wrath of God coming on the whole earth.

These catastrophes are warnings. They are mild in comparison to the wrath of God which will be poured out on the whole earth.

Fleeing from the wrath to come means fleeing from your sins, repenting, and fleeing to Jesus for refuge.

Friend, thank God for the warning, repent and cleave to Jesus Christ today, for He promised to save all who come to Him.


April 25, 2015

If our bodies are THE TEMPLE of God the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19) then there is no other temple of God on the earth – no man-made temple, and inside our bodies is where the presence of God is – where He abides. So, it is we disciples of Jesus, collectively, who are the habitation of God in the Spirit (Eph. 2:21-22).

By the Spirit, Christ lives in our hearts, and His glorified PHYSICAL body is presently in heaven, at the Father’s right hand. He will bodily or physically return to earth. For now, we know Him by the Spirit, by faith, and not according to the flesh, not by sight. When He returns it is physical – returning to a physical place to reign from a physical throne, in a physical temple over physical people.

The second coming of Christ is not to be SPIRITUALIZED. We must not “spiritualize” Jesus. He is presently, and will forever be a “flesh and bone” Man, and yet He is God. It is the spirit of antichrist which denies Jesus is both flesh and Spirit – fully God and fully Man.

Anyone got any principles?

April 25, 2015

Here is a parallel truth: The Christian life is a personal relationship to Jesus, and yet it is also a life to be lived by the principles of Jesus. These days we meet people who claim to know Jesus personally, and yet hardly live by His principles, and in some cases no longer know what Christian principles are.


April 25, 2015

When Christians know they are a unique creation, they can meet the “greatest person in the world” and say, “I would still rather be me, than you”.

 Probably the only cure for idolatry of persons or personality cults.

Serve God

April 25, 2015

Yesterday a lawyer was sharing with me that he can’t survive in his profession if he is honest. The issue is, do we serve God? Or do we serve man? If i were a lawyer, i would serve God in that profession, and serve God whatever the personal cost, and if they boot me out, or i go broke serving God, then shout, Hallelujah!

Belief precedes action

April 24, 2015

All the people who have ever lived on the planet have one thing in common: they have acted according to what they believed in their heart – their actions have mirrored their beliefs. God wired us this way, making us in His image. Animals act according to instinct, but mankind acts according to what he believes, making him different from animals. Every man’s actions are the expression of what he believes in his heart. And as much as he would like to, he can’t escape this fact.

Direction and the heart

April 23, 2015

Don’t go in a direction where your heart is not in it. Where God leads He puts a deposit in the heart toward that direction.

“Gems from heaven” (continued)

April 23, 2015

The “gems from heaven” (continued)

Jesus turned water into the best wine. If He were creating gem stones they would be the best, and they would fetch the highest price in the market.

The woman i was discussing this with on Facebook says that the “gems” are of an “unknown molecular structure”. But no such thing exists, except in the imagination. There is no such thing as an object of “unknown molecular structure”. If such an object were discovered it would make scientific news headlines.

So what satan is doing is tempting people to think imaginary things are real. He is luring them toward insanity, but in the name of Jesus. This psuedo-spiritual cult or movement leaves a trail of broken lives and families in its wake.

The gems in heaven, mentioned in Rev. 21, are real gems: real sapphires, emeralds, etc. A sapphire is a sapphire, whether you find it on earth or in heaven. Not of an “unknown molecular structure”.

I don’t accuse these folks of willfully lying. I do pray for the true revelation of Jesus Christ (the REAL Jesus) to be revealed to them.

If people desperately need and are seeking a sign of God’s love for them OTHER than the cross of calvary, they belittle the cross, and don’t understand the love of God to begin with. They plainly reject the real love of God for another kind of love: a sensual one. Then they begin to think Jesus is their “lover” and relate to Him in sexual or sensual terms…..So the devil is a lot shrewder than people give him credit for, coming to people as “another jesus”….

LORD, when will you judge and avenge their blood?

April 22, 2015

When we hear of the heart-wrenching suffering and martyrdom many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are experiencing these days, do not think for one minute that God does not feel their grief or is not extremely angry with the perpetrators (the wrath of God) and that He will not speedily execute vengeance and justice, according to His word. He will do it. The day of vengeance is coming.

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

Revelation 6:9-11


April 22, 2015

Revival is when nothing interferes with, hinders, resists, blocks, quenches or grieves the Holy Spirit and His ministry.

Remove the stones in the Lord’s way. Make a straight path for the Lord to travel on.

Truth and Honesty are synonyms

April 21, 2015

Truth and Honesty are synonyms, in the Biblical context. Truth in the inward parts means impeccable and unimpeachable honesty in our deepest, innermost being. Romans 1 and 2 implies that human nature is dishonest: man is not true to what he knows, but he will be judged by what he knows (see Rom. 2:16).