“Gems from heaven” (continued)

The “gems from heaven” (continued)

Jesus turned water into the best wine. If He were creating gem stones they would be the best, and they would fetch the highest price in the market.

The woman i was discussing this with on Facebook says that the “gems” are of an “unknown molecular structure”. But no such thing exists, except in the imagination. There is no such thing as an object of “unknown molecular structure”. If such an object were discovered it would make scientific news headlines.

So what satan is doing is tempting people to think imaginary things are real. He is luring them toward insanity, but in the name of Jesus. This psuedo-spiritual cult or movement leaves a trail of broken lives and families in its wake.

The gems in heaven, mentioned in Rev. 21, are real gems: real sapphires, emeralds, etc. A sapphire is a sapphire, whether you find it on earth or in heaven. Not of an “unknown molecular structure”.

I don’t accuse these folks of willfully lying. I do pray for the true revelation of Jesus Christ (the REAL Jesus) to be revealed to them.

If people desperately need and are seeking a sign of God’s love for them OTHER than the cross of calvary, they belittle the cross, and don’t understand the love of God to begin with. They plainly reject the real love of God for another kind of love: a sensual one. Then they begin to think Jesus is their “lover” and relate to Him in sexual or sensual terms…..So the devil is a lot shrewder than people give him credit for, coming to people as “another jesus”….

3 Responses to ““Gems from heaven” (continued)”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Sometimes people so badly want to see a miracle they create their own “miracle” – they find some old costume jewelery and then make a “positive confession” that the “gems” are from heaven, and then they convince themselves they actually are from heaven. But this is psychosis. This is what the “word of faith” cult can lead to. Either the gems are real or they’re not. If they are real they can be valued and sold. It’s as simple as that.

    We are talking about satan masquerading as an angel of light. The real Jesus does not give people stones and gold dust as proof of His love, so that they will know He loves them. It makes a mockery of the cross. That is “another jesus”.

    What if a husband gave his wife a fake imitation gem as a sign of his love? Or a cheap piece of glass for an engagement ring?

  2. ian vincent Says:

    AND… even if actual real gold and real gems began to appear, there is no proof they come from God. Satan can make material objects move from place to place, and apparently appear out of nowhere.

    So, the essential issue is, What does such a manifestation prove? Nothing.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Then, some argue, if the gems and gold appear during worship, how could satan be working? The answer is that modern worship has become extremely sensual, experiential and man-centered. This is exactly the counterfeit spiritual environment satan works in.

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