They left the IC cos they are religious wackos

Some of my comments on the House Church Discussion List  FB page:

Funny how people leave the IC due to the abuses of power and hypocrisy, and then embrace even greater hypocrisy.

Someone posted before something to the effect that the church traumatizes Gays. That may be the case, many times. But if we lovingly set out before them what scripture says, and then the Bible traumatizes them, well, that’s out of our hands. Anytime scripture upsets people they should take it up with God.

If there’s no moral absolutes any more then why make value judgments? Why criticize people who don’t agree with you? It would be hypocritical to do so.

If gay sex is okay, then post gay porn here on this page. Why not? What sense of values would prevent you from that?

So, someone posts gay porn on this page. Which scriptures will you give them to explain that it is sin? Any moral absolute spelled out in scripture?

So, ” IF ” today any of you felt you wanted to engage in anal sex with another man you would not have any scriptural – moral objection to it? If that’s what you desired, then it would be OK?

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