Babylon thriving in the House Church Movement

We came “out of Babylon” into house church, simple church or organic church, then we discovered that Babylon was already there and thriving.

It’s a given that when Jesus said “come out of Babylon” He meant that FIRST we truly repent from our hearts of the things of Babylon, so we don’t take them with us. Without repentance, coming out of Babylon would be meaningless. As far as “come out of her MY PEOPLE” is concerned, it means we need to repent that we were ever in spiritual Babylon in the first place, that we approved of things we shouldn’t have by our silence and our passive acceptance.

One Response to “Babylon thriving in the House Church Movement”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    We can think we’ve left Babylon when we haven’t. Babylon (in Rev. 17-18) represents a false Christian system. It has great political power and influence, and meets with kings and presidents. It’s far more than a personal thing. My point was that we will meet even the most apostate wolves who hide under the banner of house church or simple church. When that is the case then we are still in Babylon in the house church. Like those who approve of homosexuality, They ARE Babylon, and they are meeting in living rooms everywhere.

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