Our response to the Cross

Some people make a fuss about whether repentance from sin is part of the Gospel. Look at this way, Paul said he did not want them to know anything except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. Paul preached the Cross. Now, what is the only appropriate response a sinner can make to the realization that Christ hung on the Cross for their sins? The only acceptable response is to believe in Him and repent of our sins. Any other response is unacceptable.

How can I, by faith, gaze upon my crucified Savior and still embrace the very sin which crucified Him?

We are to present to sinners (and that’s everyone) the fact that Christ has already suffered and died for their sins on the Cross (He’s done it already, He’s not going to do it again) and that salvation is simply to respond to His finished work on the Cross.

But if a person responds and remains unrepentant, they simply bring double damnation on themselves.

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