A Facebook “discussion”

A Facebook “discussion” :

Ian wrote: “If the truth were not in writing, and you only had the Holy Spirit to determine the truth, then you could be easily be deceived by satan, when he comes to you pretending to be God, counterfeiting the Holy Spirit.”

Jim comments: “Once again, I will challenge you here Ian: what place did Jesus or his immediate followers describe this arrangement for the New Covenant?”

Ian wrote: “What you are suggesting is that the commands and teaching of Jesus and the Apostles in Scripture are meaningless. Such a suggestion is so idiotic we would be lowering ourselves to get sucked into your circular reasoning.”

Someone else comments: “Please tell me where Jim or anyone else here said that the apostolic scriptures are meaningless?”

Ian wrote: “Jim’s question to me is based on the assumption that there are no commands of Jesus and the Apostles recorded for us today. Bcos, if one acknowledges that their commands are written down, then his question is meaningless.

If what Jesus and the Apostles said is accurately recorded in Scripture (which it is) then these are their words, and their words are the objective standard and test of truth, and the Holy Spirit confirms their words in our heart, for the New Covenant is Him writing these same words in our hearts.

If this is not true for a person, then by this definition it proves they are not right with God, for they are not in the New Covenant. When a person has Scripture written in their heart they never have a problem with any moral command of the NT. We may resist it, but we know it is true.”

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  1. Scarlett Says:

    Oh boy and amen!

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